Experiencing Web Traffic Drop? Learn To Find the Damaging Searches

What in the world caused the web traffic drop on your website?

If it wasn’t the change in the algorithm of the search engines, then, there must be some searches that are causing harm to your brand name. In that situation, you can only tackle the web pages by finding out the searches that are causing the damage to your website and the brand reputation in the digital world.

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The experts from one of the best internet marketing company in India can help you out in finding the damaging issues and get the traffic back to your website. With their help, you can leverage following techniques in order to understand the reasons for the traffic drop easily.

  1. Analyze the brand phrases

First of all, you can start by looking at the searches that appear with your brand name, and other basic phrases that are associated with your company. These simple phrases are the starting place to check how your brand name and other basic keywords are working for your website. See the number of pages you get in these search results. Make a list of it and move to the next step.

  1. Leverage Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you can find out all the keywords that are giving you traffic. The performance of every keyword that people have used to find out about your company is what you can find here. However, it doesn’t present you the negative keywords in your website that are giving traffic to the competitor sites.

  1. Check your performance for the ‘Related Search Phrases’

When you search for the company and brand related phrases, Google shows you some valuable ‘Related Search phrases’ at the bottom of the search result pages. You need to evaluate your web performance regarding these related terms as well. See which terms are closely related to your brand, but you are not using them at all. These words are driving the traffic to the competitors’ website.

  1. Divide the searches according to the ‘intent’

Every person searches for a certain purpose online. That purpose or the intent is what you need to target. As a brand, you are supposed to target the search terms in such a manner that you can fulfill the intent of the searchers. To do that, you need to understand the intent first.

4.1Informational intent: The Informational intent of the search is for the searchers who look for the information associated with your website, product or services.

4.2Navigational Intent: Some of the traffic tries to find different pages on your website. The navigational intent has the purpose to know more about your website and understands the availability of required information.

4.3Transactional Intent: When the searcher knows what he or she wants to buy from your site, then, they look for the relevant ways to achieve your product or services.

Separate your search phrases according to the intent. This will help you evaluate your pages in terms of the satisfaction that you are providing for the purpose of the search.

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