How to Respond to Impossible SEO Requests

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is integral to the success of online businesses. In an effort to improve or rank their websites, clients sometimes make SEO requests that are practically impossible.

Impossible SEO requests

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SEO providers have to be very careful about what they promise customers and should be quick to respond to impossible client demands. Here are some examples:
Quick Google first page ranking

Ranking on Google’s first page can take time, and the more competitive the keywords or phrases in question, the longer it could take. In some instances, given the competition, it may be highly unlikely that this would ever be achieved. If a customer makes this request, you have to be forthright in telling them the facts .
Some things worth pointing out are that the ranking exercise sometimes is not in line with the company’s long term goals. Search engine ranking is unpredictable, and rankings changes over time. There may also be competitors with much stronger domain authority. Offer alternative keyword options that are more likely to bring the target audience to the website and increase conversion.
Impossible SEO requests

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Erase information from the web
A client may want to remove content from the web immediately, assuming that at the snap of a finger, you can make it disappear. Even with the help of professional SEO services in London, such as from, this could be impossible.
Explain the reality of the web to the client, stating that the old information is likely to be available in the form of cached pages, and their information may even have been ripped and reposted by other websites.

Rank for unrelated keywords

Sometimes, customers want to be ranked for keyword or phrases that have absolutely nothing to do with their content. To them, it may seem like a good idea – but in fact it is a terrible one. Not only is it an impossible request, but they could hurt their online presence, especially if this is attempted repeatedly, as it is considered spam. Explain to the client that the content of the web page must reflect its title, and that Google’s algorithm will not rank a page just based on title, but also matching content.
When providing SEO services, always be clear with the client about what is achievable and work within reasonable time frames to achieve those goals.

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