New Techniques that Help You Make a Splash in Online Marketing

Marketing is one of the essential parts that help a business to grow in the market and online marketing is the new area of growth in this field. As companies around the world are taking to the digital field to promote their business, the job profile of the marketer is also changing. Earlier it was confined to influencing the buyers of a single market, but now with the reach of the Internet, they have to think about the world market.
The difference in the marketing pattern and techniques of online and offline has helped create specialized companies that are engaged in SEO work. If you already have a company engaged in SEO work for your company that is not showing any results, then try to choose a better SEO company in India. To choose a better SEO company, first look at the past work of that company and the testimonials from its satisfied customers. Before you go to the negotiating table, take your time in understanding the current trends in the SEO techniques.
Here are some of the latest trends that a successful SEO company in India uses to get better results.
1). Make your web page highly informative as well as engaging: It has been observed that Google is looking at the usage pattern of a website. Its algorithm is calculating how much time a visitor is spending on a particular website. Because more time spent means visitors are finding the site both interesting and informative. This leads to better marks from the search engine algorithm.
2). Increase the size of your existing web pages: If you already have a website and want to improve its ranking then try to increase the length of the articles posted on your website to more than 2000 words. To help you in this effort, you can take the help of Google search analysis tool to find out which articles in your blog posts needs to be upgraded.
3). Improve your presence in the YouTube: YouTube is the new darling of a SEO company in India. YouTube has a mass following and if your website is linked with video posts on this powerful platform, then it affects your website ranking tremendously. Make sure that the video post of your YouTube account that is linked to your website is using keywords in the video description. Also, regular and longer video posting is essential to leverage this powerful platform for better ranking of your website. In posting a video once will not help in your ranking.
4). Improve the latency of your website: No visitor likes to visit a slow website that takes ages to load. Anybody facing a website with high latency will lose interest in it and go to a different website. Therefore, it is important to find out what are those elements that are making your website slow. There are several applications online that will tell you the components in your website that needs fine tuning to improve its latency speed. There are several ways that will allow your websites to load quickly like;
·       Compressing the images to make their size smaller
·       Using caching plugins like W3 total cache to reduce bandwidth usage
·       Take the help of Content Delivery Network
5). Post interesting articles in your website: While a glitzy looking website can initially attract viewers to your website but to keep them interested there you need to do more. The first part will be to know your target audience and then try to figure out what they are interested in and based on that post articles and videos in your website.

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