The Contemporary Role of the Chief Learning Officer in the Near Future

The rising need for innovation and dynamic speed has become the most important priority for corporations as they are undergoing a massive set of challenges now than they did previously. The organizations have to constantly strengthen themselves to remain competitive. To get into a strong growth spurt, they have to get the best talent in the market. According to a recent survey done by ManPowerGroup, the recruiters are currently experiencing a shortage of talent. This makes it clear that companies need to welcome the C-suite leader aka the chief learning officer into their team to do the internal transformation for future growth.
Now, businesses are moving faster than ever to be the number one in the market. This aggressive need for speed leaves no time for employees to keep up with the essential training which will eventually help them to constantly up skill to stay relevant. This makes it important for the organizations to offer learning opportunities so that their work is constantly improving. Having learning programs are the extremely important component of employee retention.
Human resources department is responsible for corporate training programs and taking care of the learning & development. The chief learning officer focuses on the broader picture by ensuring there’s enough training available for employees. The role of the chief learning officer is expansive. A CLO has to always stay attentive towards the learning of the employees by constantly sharpening the competency models, skills upgrade, and valuations. Industry’s increasing need for top-performing employees, knowledge will be our only critical resource.
The successful CLOs are currently focusing on:

  • There’s a huge need to build experiential learning opportunities for professionals. This will surely help in resonating what is the learning on a regular basis. According to a recent survey, a lot of CLOs are majorly concerned about the fact their learning strategies are not making a common alliance with the business objectives.
  • Learning development officer plays a crucial role in transforming the performance of the employees but that is not as easy as it sounds! Changing the mindset is essential to form a feasible training program that the learner will enjoy.
  • The CLOs know that the business transformation won’t happen in overnight if the vision of the L&D department isn’t in sync with the company’s. The department has to establish itself as a medium of organizational change in true sense. The CLOs need to understand the true power and potential of L&D to make drastic changes on performance in any department.

Learning outcomes must be directly connected to business results or it would not be a positive ROI for organizations. Performance improvement is one of the deeply concerned focus for the CLOs. It’s the high time that we must start looking the employees as our customers to create the lasting impression. This way the return on investment is favorable enough!

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