Using Scrolling Page Designs – Some Useful Tips

elearning content development servicesThe fact is that using scrolling in online contents is not something new. In today’s multi-device content ear, it is enjoying a resurgence. The trick here is to enhance the scrolling design’s usability. This is done by using the page’s top part to grab the attention of the visitors and to advertise the below mentioned. The question is why to use scrolling page over plenty of smaller pages that are connected with buttons.
Reasons for implementing scrolling designs

  • Developing branded, cohesive experiences
  • Virtual storytelling
  • Linear content and processes
  • Performance support content and quick glance
  • Marketing what is learnt
  • Coaxing the learners to identify more

Developing scrolling pages is much easier in Elucidat by using Layout Designer. Here, longer pages can be laid out, however, desired. Even animation effects can be used for driving visual interest with appearance of contents.
When considering scroll, few things are to be taken into account like page component complexity, layering and length and knowing when to stop. The best and reputed elearning content development services can make the task to seem easy and effortless.
Tips to create great scrolls

  • To grab attention: Audience attention can be grabbed with scrolling pages. For instance, a visual magazine layout style can have fonts and graphs present within the scrolling layout. Here, scrolling pages are used for delivering few key facts, but in a clear and concise manner.
  • Enhancing contents: Support and grab attention tends to support learning projects that are campaign based having comms-style scrolls. If people’s behaviors are desired to be changed, then several routes can be taken. At times, the audience might simply need information to change their thinking patterns. There are present few ways and means for achieving this.
  • Enhancing learning experience navigation: Scrolling is said to be used by modern web experiences, either as a navigation form or for presenting information clearly in just a single window. It is found easily in Elucidat.
  • Providing elearning with a better flow: It is now possible to come up with learning contents which flows seamlessly having better brand story sense. Questions, strong visual presentations and interactions can be combined neatly for coming up with a discreet topic with regards to a subject. For instance, the course may have 5-6 such discreet pages regarding specific topics.
  • Not to worry about ‘above the fold’ designing: Temptation can be there to present plenty of contents above fold (which is the page’s top part and natural content amount showing on the mobile device). However, it is shown by research conducted that eye catching contents need to be of small amount, which in turn will intrigue learners to check out more by scrolling down. Imagery, strong fonts and white space is to be preferred. Moreover, stark horizontal lines are to be avoided, especially the high-ups, since they tend to ‘block’ mentally people from scrolling.

The above and much more are used by the top e-learning development companies in the domain that ensures that it offers the very best elearning solutions to its clients.

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