Best guide on cash saving tricks for international students

There are millions of students who study overseas away from their families and friends in some other country. They study in the international colleges and have to be very prudent in their expenditures. Sometimes they need to earn the money in some other currency and then they need to save and send money to Philippines. Some people tend to keep their money in the savings bank account with an aim to save the total earnings so that they can yield some extra income. But this isn’t sufficient enough. You should also follow some prudent tips if you want to save more of your and your parents’ hard-earned money.

When you are studying abroad you have your own advantages of that. You develop your personality and improve your language skills to a great extent. These days paying for the education expenses in an overseas country is a challenging job for many of the parents. Students try to fulfil their extra expenditures through their own earnings. They even work part time and try to send money to Philippines. We will tell you some tips by following which you can save a lot of money and even send money to Philippines back your home.

  1. Look for scholarships

Students are generally not aware of the scholarships given to the international students by various renowned universities. They miss out on these scholarships and every year many of these scholarships remain unclaimed. You can consult the guidance staff in the University. They will tell you on detail. Also, there are many universities which keep some scholarships reserved for the international students. If you grab these scholarships you’ll save a lot of money and you can even send money to Philippines to your family as token of love.

  1. Join Internships

There are many study programs in the big countries where you can join an internship along with your study. This will be beneficial for you in two ways – you’ll get a practical experience and a stipend. Yes, these internships give you a stipend. So you can be happy if you wish to send money to Philippines to your parents. Such internships give you a chance to do this.

  1. Do part-time job if possible

Not many students like the idea of working along with the studies. But if you are living in a shortage of money then this idea can be your saviour. You will earn extra cash which you can send money to Philippines and also pay off your own debts in the country where you are studying. Apart from the money, these jobs will also give you lifetime work experience at an early age. So do not miss on them.

  1. Avoid using credit cards

If you are from a well to do family your parents may give you a credit card. But it is advised that you should try to live on cash. It teaches you important life lessons of money management. Also, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the end.

  1. Choose the money transfer service wisely

As an International News student you’ll be required to deal with the money transfer companies on a regular basis. Do not fall into their trap of hidden fee and charges. Always choose the best. Some might be the Western Union, MoneyGram, Instarem, etc. They are known for their reliability.

As an international student if you are not wise enough in managing your expenses, you might be taken by the debt. So avoid this by following the tips mentioned above so that you can even send money to Philippines.

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