Best universities in the Asia-Pacific region 2017

Education plays an extremely important role in shaping the future of an individual and of course a country. And, step by step it’s the Asia- Pacific region which is growing in every aspect and education tops the list. There are some really great universities which are being established in this region, along with the heritage ones which are including new age methodology and adapting to the modern way of learning. Together with education and sustainable human resource, Asia Pacific is deemed to be the next hot spot for students and fellows alike.

Here’s a list of best universities in Asia, which one can opt to enroll to gain access to quality education and academic exposure.

  1. National University of Singapore- The most prestigious university and acknowledged worldwide for its brilliance is the National University of Singapore (NUS).It is Singapore’s leading college, which offers a worldwide way to deal with training and research with an emphasis on Asian points of view and mastery.

It’s 17 schools crosswise over three locations in Singapore – Kent Ridge, Bukit Timah, and Outram – give a wide based educational module underscored by multi-disciplinary courses and cross-workforce improvement. NUS’ trans formative training incorporates projects, for example, student exchange program, entrepreneurial entry level positions at NUS Overseas Colleges, and twofold degree and joint degree programs with a portion of the world’s best colleges, offering understudies openings and difficulties to understand their potential.

  1. Peking University- Peking University belongs to C9 League, practically equivalent to the Ivy League in the United States, and frequently positioned among the best universities in Asia. It admits students, who score the best rank across the nationwide examination held, with an aggregate enlistment of around 35,000 students yearly.

The college comprises of 30 universities and 12 divisions, with 93 specialties for undergraduates, 2 major courses for the second Bachelor’s degree, 199 specialties for Master’s degree applicants and 173 for doctoral aspirants. A pioneer in fundamental sciences research and education, the college has effectively created Applied Sciences research and learning also.

  1. University of Melbourne- It’s been more than 160 years that the University of Melbourne has been proving its excellence in research, teaching, and learning. It is for this very reason that student from as many as 150 countries hops in to join this university. The University offers more than 100 undergraduate discipline of education and admits about 50,000 students every year.
  2. Tsinghua University-The flag bearer of bringing innovation and invention in China, the Tsinghua University boasts of rich local tradition and academic excellence. Today, the university has over 46,000 students from 120 countries, studying in 20 schools and 54 departments.

5. Nanyang Technological University- Comparatively a young university but is going global at a rapid speed. It has 33,00 students comprising both graduate and undergrads. It has Engineering, Business, Science, and Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences schools.

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