Career in Big Data World

Data Science has been pegged to be one of the premiere industries that will guide humanity into the new century, where every day, of every hour we produce immeasurably large amounts of data. This data includes information and statistics about the individual and his surroundings, from multiple contexts. Having access as well as being able to interpret the information acquired from this data is a highly sought after professional skill that every major company finds indispensable in this day and age. Men and women who strive to give order, a sense of progression and a timeline to the vast amounts of data received so that he/she is able to devise a presentation of facts and statistics that will assist the organization positively.

Career Paths- A successful career in big data primarily involves having a solid base in mathematics, computer science and machine learning, alongside communication and presentation skills. Most professionals start of as data analysts, before branching off to different paths, such as being a data scientist, or perhaps a data engineer. A data scientist is the type of person who fine-tunes the statistical and mathematical models that are applied on data. They take a business problem and turn it into a data question, alongside creating predictive models to answer that question, and report the findings in a clear manner. A data engineer utilizes his software engineering experience to handle large amounts of data at scale. They rely on versatile use of coding to clear up data sets, as well as implement them, in a controlled environment and report on the findings.

Skills- Data scientists need to have knowledge of algorithms, statistics, mathematics, and broad knowledge of programming languages such as R and Python is practically essential along with broad knowledge of how to structure a data problem, from framing the right questions to ask, to communicating the results effectively are all deeply desired traits as well. Several resort to courses in data analytics to gain knowledge for the same.Data engineers require a deep knowledge of data storage and warehousing solutions (SQL and NoSQL – based flavors), and programming frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark that can help you source data and process it. Independence and creativity are two skills that are greatly appreciated as well.

Salaries- Data Science is a rapidly expanding industry and yet, the world feels a shortage of these professionals, and as a result are still in extremely high demand. The ability to provide context, in the face of overwhelming data has proved invaluable. As such, both data engineers and data scientists are paid an average of $100,000-$120,000 while entry-level analysts can expect $65,0000 on average. With a good and reputable data science certifications from a renowned data science institute, their payment packages are often a huge attraction for many people.

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