Find your Educational Terra Firm in these Top Ten Universities in Europe

Out of the 1000 top world’s universities, about 40% positions are occupied by the top universities- Europe. If you wish to pursue your higher educational qualifications from the top ten universities in Europe, it is a great decision that you have made for yourself that your future self would be thankful for.
On the assessment of top universities- Europe on the parameters of the research environment, teaching environment, international outlook, industry outcome, and citations (Research influence), the winning top ten universities in Europe are:
University of Oxford: As ancient as the history of formal education, this university is a name identified with excellent standards of education and co-curricular activities. You go out as someone else and you come out as another better version of yourself with the mind full of knowledge.  
University of Cambridge: Together with oxford, this university is known as Oxbridge universities- a portmanteau for Oxford and Cambridge. It also ranks continuously every year on the world top universities.
Imperial College London: The specializations available at this university are engineering, medicine, science, and business. It attracts citizens of over 125 countries and gives the most international feel amongst all of its counterparts. 
Eth Zurich- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich: Another prestigious university in the list of top universities- Europe. It has been alma mater to Albert Einstein and offers specialization in technology, science, mathematics, and engineering.   
University College London: Another university from the UK to be on the list of great universities in Europe. Its main campus is located in central London with different facilities located across the city. It has a satellite campus situated in Doha, Qatar.
London School of Economics and Political Science: This University is positioned sixth on the top European universities. It was born out of the philosophical thought of eliminating poverty and inequalities.
University of Edinburgh: Ranking on the list of great universities in Europe is not easy and this university has beaten all to be on it. It consists of three colleges of science and engineering, humanities and social science, and medicine and veterinary medicine.
Karolinska Institute Sweden: The list of great universities in Europe isn’t complete without the addition of this university. It is the leading medical university of the world with graduation, post-graduation, and doctoral programs available here.
LMU Munich: LMU Munich is one of the top European universities that can be chosen for your studies. A wide-spectrum of subjects from cultural studies to humanities to economics to social sciences to law are the fields on which a wide research is conducted.
Ѐcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne: Switzerland adds another university to the top European universities with this university. It offers specialization courses in the subjects of research, technology, and education. It strives to transfer these fields to the highest international level.
You can choose any one of the institutes listed above for your higher educational programs if Europe is the continent you have decided to study in.

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