Five Tips to Fight Your GMAT Exam Day Fear

Five Tips to Fight Your GMAT Exam Day Fear

Exam fear is a common phenomenon among students which increases the secretion of adrenaline hormones which results in surging up of the heart beat, anxiety and nervousness. The reason for this may be that they may fear failure in the exam, fear not getting the desired result or many others. According to the medical practitioners, secretion of adrenaline hormones has a positive impact on students. It helps the brain to be alert and focus on the aim without getting diverted. Sometimes it can lead to negative consequences such as the students getting overwhelmed, hence performing below their expectations which directly affect their results.

Why GMAT Aspirants Get Feared on the Test Day?

Generally, GMAT aspirants are the working fraternity who usually have been detached from studies and appearing for the GMAT exam where they are bound to sit for three and a half hours to confront bombarding questions turns out to be a challenge. Therefore, they became a bit anxious on how to deal with the scenario, which send shivers down their backbone and sometimes impede their test performance.
The five fear hacks for GMAT exam are as follows:

Knuckle Down

In GMAT test, your target is to secure a 700+ GMAT score; to get that you have to calm and composed. You should be confident that you have studied for several long hours and you really worked hard for the day, don’t put your preparation in jeopardy due to unnecessary worry. Avoid rigorous study a day before the test but instead opt for a small revision session. Get sound sleep, don’t over think things, think in a positive way and make your strategies for the day.

Believe in Your Strong Suit

For the GMAT test you have devoted many hours to studying, tolerated the mock test analysis pain, settled your GMAT score parameters and prepared well. So it’s time to rejoice and retain the confidence that you can solve any sort of questions. Don’t count your negative strings which might fear you and could lead to a drop down in your performance.

Cheer Yourself Up

The day before the test, enjoy yourself and set your soul free. Already you have read a lot of study materials, practiced almost all practice sets, now relax your brain and go out with friends, visit some entertaining places. It will enable stimulation of the brain and help in retaining points for a longer time.

Eat Well, Sleep Well

Food and sleep are the fuel for our body. Hence, it is very essential to have a proper diet and good sleep before the test date. It will repair the worn out cells, reduce mental pressure and improve memory. It is recommended that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours in a day. Avoid eating junk food or spicy food as it may cause digestive problems. And don’t forget to have breakfast on test day morning. It will provide you energy during the test.

GMAT Test – Not An End of The World

GMAT test is not the last resort for an MBA journey. If your performance is not up to your expectation, you can retake it. Re-taking GMAT is also easy, but only after 16 days from the previous appearance. The best part is the colleges will not be able to know how many times you have taken the GMAT test.
You have prepared well and you will perform well.Good Luck!

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