How to Stop Procrastination during Exams

How to Stop Procrastination during Exams

Exams are always stressful and nerve wracking. In such problematic environment, procrastination works as an icing on the cake. Whether learning in a traditional school or earning an online life experience degree, procrastination is the major issue of many students. In this article, we are sharing some effective ways to beat the procrastination and complete all tasks timely.

1.       Eliminate Distractions
Firstly, you must not fool yourself. It is a very short time when exam preparation with your friends will get you anywhere. No doubt, it is always fun but you focus will get sparse if you involve in other activities. Also, when you will see your mate progressing, it motivates you. When everyone has memorized all the study material already, revising it in a team would be a good idea and you will be able to check each other’s knowledge.
You must not forget to close all the tabs of social media and put your phone aside. Try to study in a clean and uncluttered space.

2.       Set Yourself Deadlines
If you are working without specific time limits, it could be highly unproductive. Not only that you will be unable to track the progress but likely panic if come to know that you are far behind. To maximize your efficiency, you need to make separate chunks of your work equally and also reward yourself on each small wins. Always avoid giving yourself much time, because the less time you will have, the more focused you will be.

3.       Use Your Strongest Sensation to Memorize Things
Every student has his own learning style. Like, for some people drawing mind maps works, many prefer listening to the audio/video of lectures and writing long paragraphs after listening to it. It is advisable not to follow what others claim to be effective – it may work for them but won’t be best for you. Use your own trials and error methods to find out which your learning technique is.

4.       Work when you feel alert and efficient the Most
There are many of us who hate waking up early but it is our teachers who have made us think if it is the only time to study effectively. Well, it doesn’t work for everyone. It is possible if you start working at noon and finish learning topics productively, without even yawning. Hence, you must listen to your body clock and notice when you feel less sleepy.

5.       Eat Healthy & Exercise
It is one of the tips that is as old as time. You must avoid junk food and sugary drinks that may boost your performance significantly. You must go for healthy food like fish, healthy grains, nuts, and berries. Sports and a couple of hours dedicated to exercise is another good idea and our body will also be thankful for a fresh movement after sitting for long hours on a desk. When you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it influences your cognitive performance positively.

6.       Get inspired and ask for help to save time
It is very much relevant to exam preparation and assignments. You must ask former students who have had that assignment already. It will be helpful when they send you their notes and work, and share some tips. Also, you must not forget to see you lecturer in his office to ask as many questions as possible if you have this option.

7.       Don’t Take Stress Too Much
Every time when you get anxious or feel de-motivated, you must try to be realistic and consider different scenarios of what will happen if your fail or succeed in a particular task. It won’t be the end of world if you couldn’t pass an extremely complicated test. Surely, it doesn’t mean that you should not care but taking too much stress would not do much about your grades.

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