IIT-JEE Isn’t a Hard Nut To Crack Anymore

The Joint Entrance Examination is an entrance examination conducted for admission to the Indian Institutes of Information Technology, National Institute of Technology and some other engineering colleges. It consists of two different examinations- JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

Every year, over 200,000 students are selected in the JEE Mains examination to appear for the JEE Advanced. Considered as one of the toughest examinations in India, IIT JEE is also the most competitive exam in the country.

To successfully crack JEE Advanced, it is important for a student to follow a well-planned study strategy. A student must have good analytical skills, exam taking strategy, time management skills and situational intelligence to crack the IIT-JEE successfully apart from strong academic knowledge. One has to gather ample resources for the preparation including reference books, guides, handbooks and previous question papers.

There are also plenty of IIT JEE study material free download options available on the internet.  Objective type of questions are asked from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. As the method of study varies with every subject, here are a list of tips for each subject in the examination:


  • Learn formulas and derivation of the formulas thoroughly
  • Pay more attention on scoring subjects like mechanics and thermodynamics


  • Practice the chemical reactions
  • Concentrate on applications of the topics
  • Thoroughly understand the theories and processes


  • Have a conceptual clarity
  • Take frequent mock tests to improve speed and accuracy
  • Solve more and more previous question papers and practice questions.

Apart from these tips, it is important for a student to:

  • Plan the study in a well-structured manner and make use of the time efficiently
  • Focus on key weaknesses and concentrate of important topics
  • Take frequent mock tests to enhance speed, accuracy and confidence as well-plan
  • Diligent practice is very essential
  • Balance between tutions and self-study
  • Develop a paper solving strategy
  • Take time-off study and have ample sleep
  • Occasional rejuvenation is important to stay focused

Numerous IIT JEE study material are available in the market and online. To put these study materials to good use along with an efficient study plan can help in scoring well in the examinations. A proper revision is also important at the end of the preparation to boost self-confidence. Investing quality time on solving practice questions and previous question papers are very useful in improving time management skills and test-taking skills.

With a clear-cut idea about the exam pattern, it is easier to attend the exam well. Not only Class 12 syllabus, but also Class 11 syllabus has to be paid enough attention as almost 40% questions will be asked from that portion. Self-motivation is a key to achieve a better self-esteem to face the exam well.

With a proper, dedicated preparation, IIT-JEE isn’t a hard nut to crack. An efficient study plan combined with all the necessary anatlytical, time management skills and situational intelligence, a student can be successful in getting into reputed institutes like IITs, NITs. IIScs and others.

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