Online Aptitude Tests- the best way to screen applications

Aptitude tests are now common to all job recruitment these days. It has become necessary to appear for an aptitude test which is generally placed at the beginning of the selection procedure. It is an excellent way to filter eligible candidates from the list of candidates appearing for a job. These tests are the first hurdle in any job race and almost all the leading companies has incorporated this process of testing candidates for the required aptitude.

There are several benefits involved for employers in admitting this process of screening candidates. It gives you accurate and quick results and save your companies time and money. Companies who face a lot of attrition such as the BPO industry make the most out of these tests. Since the number of employees leaving the job is high, proper testing has to done to get good employees from the market who will honestly work and eventually the organisation benefits from it.

What things to consider while planning an aptitude test for your organisation?

Business process: The first thing to begin with is going through the business process in detail and work with the test development team to make maximum out of the aptitude test. The tests are generally designed to mark all the qualities needed for your business which further helps in scoring the candidate for or against your requirements. For e.g. if your organisation deals with a lot of numbers and you are looking for somebody good with numbers, you may opt for a quantitative aptitude online test and screen the appearing candidates on pre decided parameters.

Revision: Once everything is in place and your online tests are ready to be published online, you should check the authenticity of the test and try it with your own employees to get a sample for judging your scores. You can have the current employees take the tally the scores with the performance of the employees. The scores of the best employees of you company will become your sample for searching new candidates with similar qualities and scores.

Advantages of online tests

There are a number of advantages for the employers in enrolling their recruitment with the online testing process. These tests are cost effective and easy to set up. They save your time and money which otherwise would have been spent on arranging space for the candidates and the time in interview of each one of them. Checking the paper tests is a lengthy task and it takes time and physical labour to check the answers given by the candidates. With an online system all answers are fed on the system and the result can be obtained within minutes.

The problem of attrition can also be checked with aptitude tests as they evaluate the overall personality of an individual and analyse it with what you need. With the help of these tests you can streamline your search and also have your current employees take the test and improvise on their skills to better perform in the current changing business environment.

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