Process to Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Biological Science is designed to give students a focused and in-depth education in the basics of biological science. This foundation will allow the successful student to pursue graduate study in health science or biology and to be prepared for the research or laboratory setting. What is the process required to earn a B.S. in Biological Science?
Admission to the Program
Most colleges will require students to have certain prerequisites in general education courses before being admitted to the B.S. program. Contact the college of your choice for their admission requirements. While many of us dislike prerequisites, the evidence of a good program is its desire to teach at a higher level. Entry requirements indicate a prospective student has the ability to keep pace with the program and be successful.
Curriculum and Length of the Program
The B.S. in Biological Science may include microbiology, molecular biology, human biology biochemistry, biotechnology and ecology. Other courses include anatomy, physics, genetics, biological psychology, and research. Some programs will also require a thesis.
The length of the B.S. program will vary between schools, but the expected time-frame may be two-years if the program is convenient and allows for accelerated learning. This can be accomplished through weekend classes.
Other Processes That Lead to Success Completion
Schools that have high student to teacher ratios may also have higher student drop-out rates. Your choice of schools will determine your chances of successful completion of the process. Look for a college that has a low student to teacher ratio. The added attention as well as the professional relationships built will lead to success both in completion of the program and afterward.
Will you be studying together with other students in a cohort system or simply part of the great crowd of individual students on your own to learn? Many colleges help the success progress along by placing students together in smaller groups for discussion and study.
Personal Requirements
Successful students are those with determination and willing to create avenues for disciplined study. While testing has its place in admissions, no test can determine the effort a student will put into a program of study. One area may come easy for a student and yet another subject requires more demanding attention. The secret to success is often found more in the person’s drive and ambition than a nebulous IQ number.
A Bachelor of Science in Biological Science can place you on the road to a better career or add to your present skills. The first step is, of course, admission to a program. The second step is working through the curriculum as it is offered by the college – hopefully in a system that allows for accelerated learning. Look for schools that have lower teacher to student ratios and a cohort system to add to your ability to succeed. Finally, be determined and discipline your study habits. Remember, you are the great key to your success.

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