The Fundamental Differences Between Leadership and Management

More often than not we witness companies getting confused between an excellent leadership and management. Yes, the two words might complement each other but have a very different concept and context. While management has many layers to it, which can comprise the top management and their decision-making power. It has been noticed most of the companies get it wrong and messes up with the technical and literal aspect of it. In this article, we will help you seek out the fundamental difference between leadership and management so that you don’t get confused. It’s time for you to understand the strengths and benefits of incorporating the both in an organization.
Management as the terms imply is all about managing, administrating, planning, and directing the policies. And, when this term get interlinked with human resource, it becomes human capital management wherein the implication is towards managing the human resource and directing them towards achieving the goal set up by the organization. Whereas, when it comes to leadership, it is an action-oriented process, it gives a definition to the mission drives a vision and motivates the management and o the resources to work towards achieving the goal. And, now when we combine the term leader with human resource, what we derive is HR leader. An HR Leader engages employee and makes them learn new skills so that it’s easier for the talent to grow. To witness an extremely successful accomplishment, combining human capital management and a visionary HR leadership is what a company requires.
Lately, because of rapid technological and policies advancement, the need to adapt and change the structure of the organization has become the need of the hour. It is important to realize the difference in the role of an HR leader and the manager, only then one can approach transformation in the true sense. An exemplary team includes managers and leaders like front line managers, senior leaders who are experts in their domain. Most of the organization focus on the managerial level and often the value of leaders is ignored. This can prove to be a fatal mistake, for leaders are accustomed to dealing different situation and can easily tackle all sorts of differentiation. Not only this but leaders basically lead the way and march the management people and associates to walk towards the goals without losing the morale.
Undoubtedly, the principle of bringing about a change is to both lead and manage the organization. While one defines and articulate the vision, the other aligns the team with a vision. And this combination no matter how much is complementary to each other should not be misconstrued. We guess enough ink has been delineated in the topic for you to take control of the things and march towards success.

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