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It’s a classic dialogue between two students: “Are you going to organic classes tonight?” “No, I would learn about the pdf.” However, to make the most of a course, as much as possible, it is better to follow it on a regular basis. Even if at the university, the courses are not obligatory, that they often appear tedious, sometimes even useless, the attendance is one of the first habits to be put in place.

It is often said that a course carefully followed, understood and well noted is half learned. But In this field, the lectures are sometimes difficult to follow, and we can quickly become discouraged. However, we can attend effectively in the online Medical coaching now.


Attendance has a very important role at first: it helps you to keep pace with, to take the train that is offered to you rather than stays on the platform of the station. To retake the image of the hare and turtle, many students are tempted not to attend classes thinking that they can catch up … later, like the hare. But you know the end of the fable.

Then the attendance has another virtue: if you attend classes actively and you learn them as you go, this greatly facilitates understanding and memorization that will have time to deepen over the course. You improve your level insensibly; you prepare the success of your exams.

Pay attention, a voluntary act

How to follow a course to memorize it?

It is not enough, however, to sit in the back of an auditorium or auditorium for the class to fit into your brain, you know it. If you attend the class, try to make the most of it: optimize your presence by being as attentive as possible and prepare yourself accordingly:

– Concretely, try to arrive a little early and place yourself in order to see and hear well (not always simple in a crowded amphitheater). Admittedly, it is easier to concentrate on a group of TD (tutorials) where you are less numerous. But it is precise during the lectures that it is necessary to be the most concentrated.

Then quickly get back to the topic of the course: for example, take your notes from the previous class or copy the keywords or the lesson plan that the teacher sometimes wrote on the screen or the board. You save time on note-taking, and you already have in mind the architecture of the course.

How to follow a course to memorize it?

Online training to work concentration

Each week, you access videos, quizzes, quizzes and forums to take a step. After four weeks, you can study thoroughly in a limited time. For NEET medical online coaching videos are the perfect deal that you can have.

Certainly, you do not have to write everything down, especially if you also have the text of the course. Neither should note-taking absorb all your attention and prevent you from following the reasoning of the teacher.

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