Why is Level B Course important?

A business leader or good supervisor is very important to have a high functioning safely workplace. After all, if you have a good safety and health culture that means less accident and which also convert into high productivity and good environment. Still, some knowledgeable manager thinks that their safety records look good so, they are still wrong.  It can be small things like when staff seems blank when they are talking about health and safety culture or on the other side still keep having the same injuries despite Level B course. But the question comes in, how engaged the supervisors in safety?
Good leadership qualities in Supervisors:-

  • Health and safety performance
  • Job satisfaction,
  • Productivity levels, and
  • Skill performance

If you want to provide your team a good safety culture then Level B course is optimum. In this course, you gain the necessary knowledge and skills that are fulfilling the role of good supervisor at a workplace.
What is level B Course?
This course aims to provide proper training to the personnel to be competent safety coordinate as per the WSH qualifications structure.
The competency-based course covers comprehensively the WSH policy, WSH management system, implementation of emergency preparedness and response plans, accident investigation techniques, monitoring of WSH performance and WSH culture development.
Why is Level B course important?
It is important to prepare staff and workplace in health and safety is a legitimate necessity in many nations making an essential obligation for all businesses – the lawful needs differ with your industry and the dangers looked by staff – however the common illustrations would be general work environment security for all staff, manual taking care of preparing for those utilized in lifting, conveying and so forth., particular gear sort preparing, particular abilities for Managers and Supervisors in addition to conceivably preparing in security particular points, for example, risk appraisal.
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