AZ VoIP Termination: FAQs for call centres

AZ VoIP Termination

If you are in the process of setting up a call centre, there are a number of things you need to know before choosing a VoIP provider to partner with.

AZ VoIP Termination

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Do you offer the best quality?

This is a key question as call quality will directly impact customer satisfaction. As a call centre, you want to be able to guarantee to your clients that their customers won’t suffer from poor call quality. You want to make sure that high-quality standards are maintained, possibly through voice quality management, and that there are measures in place to deal quickly with any quality issues.

Are you an interconnected VoIP service provider?

A key question to ask a potential provider is “Are you a VoIP re-seller or are you a hosted VoIP Service provider?” The difference is quite significant.

AZ VoIP Termination

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VoIP re-sellers offer someone else’s product to their customer base. The company that owns the software product also has responsibility for controlling and maintaining the hardware and network. If that owner decides to end their program or service, the call centre that bought the product will suffer, and their customers may lose phone service. This would mean that the IT re-seller has to then urgently find another VoIP product to offer. This disruption would be very unwelcome.

A hosted VoIP service provider owns the software, maintains the network and the hardware, and controls every part of their interconnected VoIP service. They offer stability through owning every part of the service.

Do you offer A-Z VoIP termination routes?

You want to know how far the termination routes extend. Not all hosted VoIP providers will offer global coverage, but others will use that as a major USP.

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What are your hosted VoIP rates?

The host VoIP provider’s rates are crucial to know as they are in a very competitive industry where every minute counts. Most Hosted VoIP providers will display their rates on their website, but some will prefer to request further information before quoting a price. Call centres operate and compete on very slim margins. Ideally, you would like to get 12/6 or even 30/6 billing increments from your provider.

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