Copper – The Most Versatile Metal Ever

The red, shiny metal called copper was the first that was manipulated by humans. It is still among the most important metals in use today. It has covered a very long journey – the oldest metal object that was found in the Middle East consisted of copper (dating beyond 5100 BC) and now this metal is used to make hair-thin wires and stuff like Braided Flexible Connectors. Long, long journey indeed!
Interesting facts
Did you know that there is some copper to be found in all gold ornaments? Gold, on its own, is a very soft metal and can be moulded using hands. Even 24 carat gold will have some amount of copper in it so that it can be handled properly.
Among the many wondrous qualities of this metal is its antimicrobial ability. That is the reason why most public buildings and hospitals go for brass handrails, doorknobs, etc. – they do so to prevent the spread of bacteria from contaminated hands.
Called “Man’s eternal metal”, copper is a 100% recyclable. Since the time it was discovered till now, close to 80% of it is still in use today. It can be readily recycled over and over again without seeing any losses or changes to its properties.
Copper’s durability and malleability have rendered it the best metal for use in homes. It is said that it can used in almost all applications in life.
In fact, it is believed that an average house has over 400 pounds of copper in the form of pipes, wiring, and appliances. Braided Connectors made of copper are used in several applications around houses and buildings of other types. Right from televisions to plumbing to dryers, copper is almost everywhere, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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