How To Fix Your Washing Machine If It Won’t Stop Filling? Check Out This Guide To Know!

Washing Machine

It can be quite frustrating to handle water overflow especially in case of washing machines. If water continues to run in the washing machine when it should actually stop, it can overflow and leads to a flood in the laundry room that can ultimately be very messy to deal with.

Therefore, investing in a top quality high end washing machine model by Samsung or LG is always recommended. Well, overfilling can be caused by either a faulty water level switch or water inlet valve. If this happens, don’t just rush into nearest appliance store and book a washing machine, but focus on solving the issue. You can easily diagnose this issue and replace only defective part to fix the issue and ultimately save money. Read on to know what you need to do.

How to diagnose the problem first?

  • Turn your washing machine on and let it fill around half full of the water in it.
  • Now, unplug the power cord of your washing machine.
  • Check out if water is running still or it has stopped running when machine was unplugged. If the water still runs after machine is unplugged, it is possible that the inlet valve has been defected. In case water stops to run when machine is being unplugged, then what is defective here is the water level switch!

Steps to replace water level switch

First of all, unplug washing machine and then pull off dial on water level switch that is used to choose load size. Remove plastic end caps on control panel on top of your machine. Turn screws in sides of panel in counter clockwise with the help of screwdriver. Just pull panel up and remove it.

Take off the cover from water level switch on left side of control panel and a clear hose will be exposed. You require removing it along with all the wiring connected to terminals. Now, simply attach wiring and hose to new switch and place it in proper position. Secure it well with clamps and screws. Reassemble control panel and replace dial on front of it and you are ready to plug in your washer!

Steps to replace water inlet valve

Unplug your washing machine and turn shutoff valves on hot and cold water supply lines in clockwise direction to run off water that is running to machine. Remove plastic end caps on control panel on top of machine.

After that, turn screws in side of panel using screwdriver in order to remove them. Now, unplug sensor wire of lid that is beneath control panel. Remove spring clips with screwdriver. You can then tilt cabinet forward and then lift it up for removing it. Make sure to clean up spilled water with towel.

After removing everything properly, replace control panel, cabinet, as well as water supply lines. You can now turn shutoff valves in counter clockwise direction for turning the water on.

All you will need to perform either of the above tasks are towel, screwdriver, and water level switch or water inlet valve. With the above guide, you are ready to make your washing machine run just like before!

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