How to operate a tower fan?

If you have just installed a tower fan in your home, or you plan to do it in the near future, you should be aware of various aspects associated with a tower fan. These include benefits of installing a tower fan, associated costs, and tower fan operating procedure. Here, in this article, we will deal with the operating procedure of a tower fan.

Tower fan functioning is different from operating a ceiling fan. In fact, it resembles air coolers, in terms of functioning. But tower fans are undoubtedly better than air coolers. They occupy less space and are much more effective for smaller areas. You just need to know certain aspects related to operating procedure of the tower fans. Keep on reading to know more.

Working Principle of Tower Fans

A vertical column of tower fan houses a motor, an impeller, fan blades, and other electronic components. The motor drives the impeller which, in turn, sucks in air from the air vent on the back side of the vertical column.

After drawing in the air, the air moves up and down before moving out of the air blower. The continuous movement of the impeller is important for proper circulation of air.

Now, the tower fan oscillates about a fixed point to circulate the air in every direction. The oscillating speed can be adjusted by the user. This is beneficial in covering a wider area. Hence, tower fans are ideal for effective air circulation inside the rooms.

Operating a Tower Fan

Most of the tower fans are available with a remote control. This means you don’t need to make efforts for changing the settings of the fan. Some of the tower fans do not have a remote control feature and hence, they have controls on the body of the fan.

You should opt for remote controlled tower fans that are integrated with advanced features. With a remote control, you can control the following functions of a tower fan:

  • Simple on and off function. Although the cord will be plugged into the electrical socket, you can switch on or switch off the operational mode.
  • Controlling the speed mode. Now, there are two-speed modes in the tower fans. First, you can control the speed of the impeller. You can increase or decrease the speed of impeller as per your convenience. Secondly, you can control the oscillating mode of the tower fan. Control the oscillating speed for proper circulation of air.
  • The tower fans are integrated with an auto shut-off feature as well. You can set the timer for a particular time period. The tower fan will operate for the designated time at a particular speed. After this, it will automatically shut off. This feature is beneficial for a good night’s sleep.
  • Most of the tower fans are integrated with anair You can activate the air purifying mode using remote control. The air purifier will trap all the dust and pollens before the air blower vents out purified air.
  • Ionizer helps in trapping the dust particles and other pollutants that escape air purifier. Or it may aid air purifiers in trapping these pollutants. Ionizer imparts a charge on the particles so that they get trapped easily.
  • Some of the tower fans are equipped with humidifiers to cool the surroundings. You can adjust the settings via remote control for cool and moisturized environment. Read here about the comparison between the tower fan and normal fan.

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