Kid’s Party arrangements for one to five years old child

Planning a kid’s party properly is not at all easy and it is all about great ideas. The entire arrangement and planning depend on the ages of the kids. Requirements for different items, ideas, arrangement techniques are different for different ages. Take a look at some great ideas that can help you to put together a successful Peterborough Kids Parties planning.

1ST Birthday

The first birthday of every child is very special.

  • Popular themes for the first birthday of your child: Farm animal, Elmo, Abby Caddaby, Lady Bug, One is fun.
  • Instead of living entertainment choose the bubble machine because toddlers love bubbles.
  • Keep the party time duration short. One or two hour is enough for complete entertainment at this age.
  • If this is an only baby’s party then don’t plan the party games that they are unable to play but make the party room colorful and decorate it with colorful lights. Arrange some fun games for the parents of the kids that can make the children happy.
  • For the Peterborough Kids Parties for one year age kids, make the healthy cake that the kids can eat and they love the taste. Call the photographer to take the pictures of your little one but also to keep the memory of the decoration.

2nd birthday

  • For your 2 year age kid, your theme should be Yo Gabba Gabba, Circus, Little Einstein, Cupcake party, Unicorn
  • At this age the children love music. Play the popular toddler music that the kids can recognize like Hot dog from Mickey Mouse Club, Sesame street song and make the kids dance.
  • Plan the kid’s parties as per the temperament of your child, if your child is quite shy, then invite some relatives and keep the party theme. If your child is quite party animal, then invite your friends and family.
  • Arrange some simple games like Ring around the Rosie, Simon Says, and Duck Duck Goose.

3rd Birthday

  • Cars, hot wheels, Go Diego etc can be your theme for the Peterborough Kids Parties at the age of three.
  • Make proper timing of the party according to your child’s requirement.
  • A puppet show, balloon modeling, magician or face painter can entertain the children at this age.
  • Arrange some activities that your child usually loves.

4th Birthday

  • Firefighter, princess party, dinosaur friends, Mickey Mouse club etc can be great choices of theme for your party.
  • Today’s children have a busier schedule. So, plan the party one month before the birthday. Send invitation advance to the parents. Make a simple e-card and send it through the mail or whats app to the parents, so that they will remember the party date better.
  • Arrange craft projects with color, glue, color papers, glitters etc. Keep them busy with craftwork and some innovative games.

5th birthday

  • The fifth birthday is more special because your child is more active and energetic now. So, pick up some energetic themes like Scooby Doo, crafts party, pirate party.
  • Arrange the fun return gift for every child. Select a cute goodie bag containing small toys, crayons or candy.
  • Engage your child in the party planning and make some tasty fast foods for the children like pasta, pizza or spring rolls etc.

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