Top Tips For Making A Movie Theater More Wheelchairs Accessible

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There is nothing quite as exciting and entertaining as entering a Fashion Island movies theater and watching a film on the large screen. The experience of watching it a room full of excited strangers and the buzz within the theater can be quite unbeatable. Unfortunately, several theaters even at this age restrict this experience for physically challenged individuals or those in wheelchairs. There are some fast and easy changes that are to be made to accommodate those who find it difficult to walk or even stand.


Construction of ramps

There are several varying reasons why ramps are great for any movie theater. Individuals who find it difficult to climb or go upstairs can walk along such ramps and they also facilitate the easy movement of wheelchairs. Healthy people could also use ramps too, particularly when they are escorting elderly parents or small kids.


Install a wheelchair lift

In order to ensure access for individuals in wheelchairs, vertical platform lifts could be installed at all small stairwells. They have to also be installed near the theaters’ steps. Oftentimes, people in wheelchairs ar54e necessitated sitting in the first row, forcing them to get their necks strained in other that they may the excellent view they desire. They should certainly be provided with easy access to higher points within the theater through vertical platform lifts.


Assign special sections in the theaters

New Fashion Island movie theaters often feature sections which are assigned for people in wheelchairs. Such sections are normally close to the front row so that they can easily be accessed by this challenged individuals them. In order that the individuals are provided with more options, quality special sections must be installed as well as be assigned in the theaters.


Build wheelchair friendly-bathroom

There is nothing that’s truly as frustrating as bathroom stalls which are thin or too narrow. Individuals in wheelchair consume a lot of space to park their chairs and maneuver around in. Personalized bathroom stalls must be installed in every movie theater so these people get the space and privacy they require.


Hire helpful attendants

Movie theaters are normally not popular with their staff. Normally the individuals working for them are kids of high school age with little job experience. To attract better consumers, it is not a bad idea to hire expert staff members that understand how to serve disabled people. Excellent attendants should have the ability to work vertical lifts, provide attentive and friendly service to those who are in need of it and know how to push or direct wheelchairs.

It should not be an exclusive activity to have a night at the movies. Individuals suffering from disabilities and those in wheelchairs should have an opportunity to see, watch, and enjoy films too. In other to make Fashion Island movies theaters much more comprehensive, private bathrooms and vertical platform lifts should be installed, ramps should and be put in place, excellent, experienced staff must be hired, and exclusive sections must be assigned. These actions will help ensure that everybody, regardless of their capability of walking, can really enjoy fun nights at the movies.

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