Beauty of Handcrafted Ornaments and Alma Jewelry – A Sustainable World

Jewelry articles have fascinated human beings since time immemorial. The history of jewelry craftsmanship dates as far back as the human civilization does. The initial foray was made in the ancient times, when fancy trinkets and ornaments were made from stones, shells, bones etc. Later, with the discovery of precious metals, jewelry products made of gold, silver and diamond gained prominence. Modern-day jewelry items come in a wide variety of shape and form, such as ring, chain or necklace, earring, brooch, pendant, cuff link etc. Many of these products owe their origin to the historical times.  Their categories too vary a great deal, such as bridal jewelry, Alma jewelry (soul jewelry, for the UN initiated) and so on.

Handcrafted products have always held most people in thrall; jewelry products are no exception to this rule. The ancient and prehistoric jewelry were completely handmade and known for their exquisite, though at times primitive, designs. The present generation of jewelry lovers too appreciates the beauty and craftsmanship of handmade baubles and ornaments. If you are one of them, you belong to a large and perceptive family of connoisseurs. And if you are not, then here are a few brief pointers to introduce you to the beauty and grace of handmade jewelry products.

Little or No Machine Work

As their name suggests, handcrafted jewelry are produced primarily by human hands. Many jewelers keep it as real as possible and do not use machines at all. There are others who do take recourse with mechanical designing or crafting tools, albeit small ones, and keep their use to minimum. This entails a range of benefits to a wide cross-section of society. Naturally, less or no machine would mean a green carbon footprint. Handcrafted jewelry is environment friendly and naturally is a boon to the human society as well as to the world that we live in.

High-quality Ornaments

Handcrafted jewelry receive human attention during every phase of their crafting. Craftsmen and women ensure that designs are mostly original. The articles are durable and last generations, becoming family heirlooms in the process. For most jewelers who dwell in handcrafting, they do so out of their passion for this form of jewelry making. This means that they select quality metals and other input products and produce works of art. While you buy a handmade alma jewelry article, you are paying for both the product as well as the artistic vision of its maker.

Ethical Human Practices

Many a times, metals sourced from unethical sources find their way to showrooms, in the form of dazzling jewelry products, due to the haste to churn out more and more ornaments by the large mechanized jewelry companies. These intransigencies are seldom part of the business plan of those who handcraft them. Apart from this, handcrafting of ornaments generate jobs, helping craftsmen and their families. It would take several artisans to produce a single piece of alma jewelry, thus helping society at large to be in harmony with itself.

So, if you fancy jewelry items and care for the world around you as well, go ahead and give handcrafted ornaments a try. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.
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