Current trends on how to accessorize your hijab

Wearing a hijab might be a very traditional culture. But, you do not have to compromise with style when you are wearing it. There are always ways to make the hijab look interesting and modern. There are many accessories that you can use along with the hijab top look trendy and turn heads. You can buy these accessories when you buy from hijab store online.

For all those who thought that accessorizing ideas for a hijab are limited, here you go –

Hijab pins –

The first accessory that obviously comes to your mind when you think of hijabs is the hijab pins that are especially made for the hijabs. They are found in all colours and forms. You can choose the pins that go well with your dress or the hijab. From simple ones to the more elegant ones, choose hijab pins according to occasions. While for a daily wear, you will need simple and pretty pin, on a festive day you can choose sequined and expensive ones.

Head band –

A head band can beautify your hijab is the most subtle, yet nice way. It will add more persona to your hijab look. Create your own style by choosing same designed bands in all the colours. You can change the bands according to the colour of your dress and wear them in style. When it comes to head bands, there is a variety to choose from. Cloth bands, metal headbands, elastic headbands and so on. If you think that head bands are over the top, you can always choose simple bows. They will give you this cheery and feminine look.

Tikka –

It is a south Asian piece of jewellery that is worn on the middle parting of your hair. It is especially worn on special occasions like weddings and festivals.  But today we see modern versions of the tikka that even the westerners are wearing in all occasions. It consists of a wide pendant that is attached to a chain which has got a hook that will stick it to your hair. The pendant false on your forehead and gives you that bridal appearance. Of course, there are many versions of the tikka that are suitable for the present day women. When you are attending a wedding or a traditional event, you can always wear a tikka on your hijab to give those festive vibes. That will make up for not being able to have a visible hairstyle. You can get tikkas made from pearls, gem stones, diamonds and plain metal. Nice piece of necklace on your hijab at the centre or at the side to look absolutely stunning.

Then there are necklaces and chains to adorn hijab.Whatever accessory you might choose, just do not forget the whole intention of wearing a hijab. Being modest is what is important and choose accessories that will support this concept. Flashy and gaudy accessories will be contradicting to your culture. So, pick only simple and elegant ones. You can buy hijab online and at the same time purchase some trendy accessories.

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