Go Beautiful in Half and Half Sarees We have Here!

Saree is a graceful outfit that needs no introduction. For Indian women, there is nothing as flattering as these nine yard wonders which go on flattering womanly figure beautifully. Since a long time back, Indian women have been wearing these ensembles and they don’t seem finding any other substitute for it in near future.
When you go for online saree, you see amazing varieties in terms of colours, styles, designs and patterns. That’s the beauty of this attire. It can be found in a number of styles enough for women to fall for them.
Let’s talk about half and half sarees which have turned out to be a rage among women these days. The typical saree has now got a makeover with two shades and designs fashioned in a single saree. You might have seen many women wearing these. Want to get one? Here we have listed a few half and half sarees that you should definitely invest in.
The pink designer flair
half n half sarees
Take some inspiration from Tapasi Pannu who has worn half and half saree beautifully. The designer piece is truly amazing that boasts feathery and plain combination. The net pleats in the middle and a bit of golden work at the pallu is increasing its beauty, isn’t it? You can also look like her with a bit of consideration!
Wear it with a sleeveless blouse and side swept your hair as she did! One rule not to forget, wear it with high heels to walk like a true diva.
Keep jewelry minimal or simple along with makeup and be ready to rule the hearts around!
Also, don’t forget to get some pics clicked for instragram!
Brocade beauty
half n half sarees
The beauty of brocade is truly amazing. With shimmering golden patterns in small dots to square shapes running all over this saree makes it a designer piece. The plain pallu in the colour pink creates a contrast with blue body. You should have it for all your party night outs or special wedding ceremonies. However, you can wear it on festive occasions for a stylish makeover.
Wear a necklace set with kundan earrings in matching shade to look class apart. Make a chic bun or let your mane fall onto your shoulders for a dramatic effect. Finish off the look with a pair of heels.
Colour block effect
half n half sarees
It’s your bestie’s engagement and you want something to stand out, right? Well, you need not scratch your head or go nuts for not having enough time to figure out what would you be wearing. There is a fast track solution and that’s a designer half and half saree. Take inspiration from above picture. The pastel hues create a colour blocking effect neutralizing each other and sending back a soothing colour effect.
You can wear it with minimal jewellery to cast a magic spell. Finish off with a pair of matching heels.
Get any of the above suggested half and half saree ideas and get yourself a festive yet celebratory makeover!

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