How to Choose Right Mannequins

Dress forms and mannequins are one of the main supplies for any clothing retail store. These human looking dummies are used to display different fashion products including clothes, shoes, glasses, handbags and other fashion accessories. These display sets are not only used to display products but also can promote them by making more attractive and appealing in front of your customers. In some cases, a quality collection of mannequins can help you to maximize your shops’ exposure by attracting massive numbers of customers wondering in the market.

If you are going to buy mannequins for your shop then you might be worried about different things. Buying mannequins is not an easy job because nowadays there is a huge verity of mannequins available in the market in different styles, looks, and colors. Like athletic mannequins are available to display sports shoes however transparent mannequins are available for product photo-shoot. So if you are getting confused about what type of mannequin you need for your shop then here are few things you may consider while picking your mannequin collection.

How to Choose Right Mannequins

Display Requirement:

 The main thing you need to consider while choosing your mannequin is your display requirements. These are fundamental things you must take into account to decide your mannequin type. Like if you are offering plus size clothing then you may need plus size mannequin or if you are selling sports clothing then athletic mannequin will work perfectly for you. Or if your products collection changes frequently then you may use a collection of adjustable mannequin to display your products in different poses.

Shop Color Scheme or Theme:

While choosing the color of your mannequin you can consider your shop theme and coloring scheme. You must choose a mannequin which matches or have suitable contrast with your shop internal environment.


Pricing is another important factor you may want to consider while choosing your mannequin. You may find these display fixtures in different prices depending on quality and material of mannequin. For example, a simple plastic body mannequin can be purchased in 200 USD or less or on the other hand fiberglass mannequin can cost you around 700USD. You can choose the price you want to pay according to your budget and shop requirements.

These are few things which can be taken into account while buying a collection of mannequin for any retail store. These tips can help you to buy a suitable collection of these incredible display sets at an affordable cost and you won’t end up with useless spending.

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