The Steps Followed By The Readymade Shirt Manufacturers In India

The Steps Followed By The Readymade Shirt Manufacturers In India

People these days prefer readymade shirts over materials as they can save the money spent on stitching. This makes the job of the readymade shirt manufacturers in India bigger. They have to make the perfect measurements and stitch the shirt properly. The fabric has to be tested and then brought in for design. The stitches made must perfectly match the measurements on the original design. The sketching team must make sure the colour and the pattern of the material will perfectly suit the design. The length of the sleeve and the pattern should be matching and fitting properly.

Steps involved:

The first step in making or rather manufacturing a readymade shirt is to choose the material. The material chosen must be a good fit for the design made by the team. Once the design and the fabric selection are done, the next is to trim the source properly. Most shirts have patterns on them. The fabric printing is an important step for readymade shirt manufacturers in India. They are usually equipped with machines to make this step possible. The patterns are printed properly and safely to make it error free and uniform. In case the shirt needs pleats or embroidery, this is also done. The shirt is sewed. In large manufacturing units, there are super fast sewing machines that make this step very easy and quick. The cuttings are made according to the design measurement and then stitching is done properly. Once this is done, it is sampled. The measurements are rechecked and made sure that it is perfect. In case of discrepancies, corrections are made and sent back to checking. Then the buttons are stitched on the required spots. The readymade shirt manufacturers in India have to take care of this. The buttons and the buttonholehave to be placed in the exact intended spot or the entire shirt cannot be worn properly. Then comes the attaching of the private label tag. This is usually attached at the back of the neck, on the collar. This denotes the brand the shirt belongs to and has details about the washing and other relevant instructions. The fabric is then checked. This is called a quality control check. This is very strict and has various levels of test. Only of the shirt passes this test, it will go to the finishing step. The shirt is then ironed and folded properly. The ironing and folding make it look elegant. After this, the shirt is packed and dispatched.

They face a lot of challenges to make sure their brand is leading and stands out of the competition. They will have to use their creativity and make the perfect design to attract buyers. They must make sure the fabric is a really good choice for Indian customers. They should be modern yet formal so that people can wear them wherever they go. The readymade shirt manufacturers in India make it a point to keep giving out new ideas to satisfy all their customers and maintain customer loyalty.

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