Want to Combat Dry Hair? Try out LOreal Professionel sSerie Expert Nutrifier.

Dry hair are mostly considered as a hair type but it’s actually a severe hair condition that requires ultimate treatment using the right products. Raised cuticle, easily tangled and rough looking hair are the signs of dry hair that need treatment. There can be several reasons for dryness such as environmental pollution, excessive sun exposure or humidity. Sometimes women face hormonal changes that affects their hair. Colouring hair, heat stylingon a daily basis and using the wrong shampoo are some other reasons leaving your hair dry.

Loreal Professionel Shampoo has launched a series of products named Serie Expert Nutrifier which is particularly designed for combating dry hair. It helps moisturizing and nourishing the dry and rough looking hair. It is a non-alcoholic and silicon-free formula. Glycerol for nourishment and coconut oil for providing shine are the most important components of the products of these series.
Serie Expert Nutrifier DD (Dryness Defence) Balm helps nourishing the dry hair with its natural components. It is applied on the ends and must stay there for a while for better results. Whereas Nutrifier Blow Dry Cream is applied on wet hair before using straightener or curler. It is a damage control formula.
Nutrifier Masque is formulated to make your hair get soft and smooth. It is applied on towel-dried hair for 3-4 minutes and rinsed afterwards. Nutrifier Mythic Oil Conditioner is applied after using Nutrifier Shampoo, which will leave your hair nourished and well-treated. Under conditioning is quite unhealthy for your hair so always use a conditioner after applying shampoo.
A number of hair products available in market have added silicones. Ever wondered what’s the function of silicones in a hair product? The answer is quite disappointing. Silicones are added to give an instant shine and silky smooth feeling to the hair. At first your hair feel like freshly salon treated but as soon as you stop using the product your hair get all limp and lifeless. It hides the actual condition of hair by covering it with fake shine coats.
But L’Oréalcares for its customers and considering the problem, it has launched this series containing all the silicone-free products, specially formulated to treat dry and under-nourished hair. In replacement of silicones, this formula contains glycerol for nourishing dry hair and coconut oil for providing shine.
Similarly, there are a lot of hair products that contain alcohol. Such alcoholic hair products are too dangerous as they dehydrate the hair and make them look rough and frizzy.
It is very important for your hair’s health that before buying you must read the components of the product and have a slight understanding as well so that you can pick up effective products that suit your hair well. With growing age your body start producing less oil which leaves your skin and hair dry. And sometimes it’s a hereditary problem where your body is unable to produce enough moisture. So, you really need to take care of your hair because having beautiful hair will make you feel better about yourself.

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