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PR today has gone digital. In this Digital Age, where everything is coming online, PR would be remiss not to share in the bounty that is the online sphere. Traditionally, PR’s roles is to increase the awareness of any organization’s brand value among the audience it wants to target and get the  desired effect of reaching the needed demographic for that specific company. The new version of this traditional approach to PR is going digital. They are still playing for Brand awareness, but to take it much further using tools like Google Analytics and other sources like AdWords and many different SEO sources and techniques, the word can be put out much easily and with greater reach.
Benefits of the Digital PR
If we have a potential client or customer viewing a magazine or a newspaper and they happen across a product that they would like to purchase, that product will not stick in their minds when they’ve finished reading that piece of information. They will get up and get on with what they were supposed to be doing in the first place. They will tend to forget the thing they wanted to buy even after a proper organization would have tried to convince them otherwise. Thus, no brand value is created in the mind of the customer and there is no sale that is going to happen.
Except when it is online and the PR Firm that has put itself and its services on the online platform, they have made the product into a clickable link which will, in just one step – the click – lead you to a place where you can easily purchase it.
As a PR Firm, you can use the power of the Internet and the tools of the online environment, to see exactly how many people clicked on the site, what is the traffic of people coming to the site, what the nature of these potential customers are, what their patterns are of browsing and buying. You can check where they came to the site from and what led them to the product and how many actually purchased the product from the site.
Extras of the Digital PR Experience
We can even see that, in general, going online enables you to reach a much larger target audience and have a greater reach than the traditional aspects of the public relations platform. The greatest value that social media can bring in is its ability to get an engagement going, with a very large community of people all around the world. Brands and companies alike can build and capitalize on engagement with their customers and make them feel a part of their own family using a good Digital PR Agency. This goes beyond just normal transactional relationships. Loyalty and customer retention are a key part of this interaction with customers which will, ultimately serve to the benefit of the companies putting themselves forward on all types of Online and Social Media platforms.

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