Pros and Cons of Usage of Steroids Both for Men and Women

In the present generation, there are many sports which people go crazy for and also the player or athletes who consider sport as their life. These athletes who participate in various sports sometimes needs to use some steroids so that their body will become stronger and so they can learn some new techniques in sports and the main point here is they will give more importance and their complete concentration on winning the game rather than taking care of their body or health. (Performance enhancing drugs or steroids) PEDs usage is completely not fair in the game and this will, in turn, result in damage to their reputations and also their health. This steroid comes with several warnings which most of them don’t actually care about.

Athletes who want to win the game using these steroids are mostly banned from participating as it will be a form of a cheating game and also violate the spirit of competition among their own team players and also the opponents. The opponents or some of the players who never cheat in games will always complain that players who use steroids and win the game will always be as a black mark on the historical records which were won by clean players and so these steroids usage should be reduced allot.  Yes, people do use steroids for various reasons like people who are unhappy with their body then they will give most preference for these steroids but it is always important to remember that there are many side effects of them too. This steroid always comes with several warnings to the people who use them. There are many pros and cons when it comes to steroids usage and people are highly suggestible that they should use minimum dosage of steroids only and that too under the prescription of the doctor only.

Pros and cons:-


  • Using steroids will always provide health benefits.
  • This also helps in increasing and improving the individual’s physical abilities.
  • Allows athletes to lose weight easily.
  • It improves in muscular strength and also performance.
  • It also provides more oxygen to muscles and provides mass for the muscles.
  • It helps in increase of strength ability.


  • The negative point here in the usage of steroids is that it effects health allot based on the person capability of dosage and their performance in the complete therapy.
  • People can surely observe some long-term health effects which can sometimes never be curable and will also lead them to serious diseases like liver damage or infection and also high dosage will lead to heart diseases; like stroke or attack.
  • Even if the steroids best results are always temporary they will surely give an unfair advantage to people. Especially for athletes, if they win once using these steroids that doesn’t mean they will continue the same throughout their life.
  • Greater risk of hepatitis B and C and also it leads to psychological effects.
  • The growth of body or hormones can be stunted at a very early age.

These steroids can damage veins too.

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