There are recommended doses for a reason

In any bodybuilding or athletic scenario, one of the most important parts is losing weight, effectively. There are a lot of ways to go about losing weight, like proper and healthy died accompanied by a rigorous training regimen. Sometimes it can be effective while other times bodybuilders and athletes find hard to lose the extra fats without assistance during cutting cycles.

For that reason, more and more bodybuilders and athletes alike are starting to turn to Clenbuterol for assistance. It is a very popular weight loss supplement and can actually be found in most weight loss programs. It has become very popular among bodybuilders and athletes, especially the women who want to be muscular and toned but not really super huge in mass. Using the supplement within the suggested dosage doesn’t pose any problems, abusing it however may develop some health concerns for cardiac function so you’d better take it easy on those supplements.

Your cutting cycle friend

Clenbuterol is popular among bodybuilders and athletes during their cutting cycle wherein they want to shed as much excess fat ass possible to make them leaner. Bodybuilders and athletes alike choose Clen since it has been proven to be a very effective thermogenic that can burn through fat like a hot knife through butter all the while preserving your lean muscle tissues.

“Little to no side effects”

Although there is some truth to that claim, it still depends on the bodybuilder or athlete who uses it. If they stay well within the recommended dosage and duration of use, they will definitely have little to no side effects. These “little” side effects can be annoying and are usually short term, meaning that once you stop using Clen, these side effects will eventually subside and disappear fast unlike users that go beyond what is recommended and for longer might develop more severe and potentially life threatening side effects.

Short term side effects:

Some short term side effects that bodybuilders and athletes may feel are anxiety, hypertension, insomnia, severe headaches, palpitations (it’s quite similar to drinking very strong coffee when you really aren’t a coffee person, doesn’t it?) increased heart rate and cramps among other things.

These symptoms will gradually dissipate when you discontinue using Clen but it will take a bit of time before completely leaving your system. To avoid any of these complications, it is best to first consult a physician prior to you taking the supplement.

Long term, more serious

The side effects of long term abuse of Clem are a significant decrease in bone strength, hypertension, if you use large doses (more than what is recommended), you might have a chance of getting cardiac hypertrophy and you wouldn’t want that. Arrhythmia can also bring about possible stroke as well as heart degeneration for people who already have existing heart problems. These side effects prove to be more serious, life threatening and even possibly fatal if not dealt with accordingly.

All in all, if used correctly and within the recommended dosage and cycle duration, accompanied by proper exercise and diet, Clenbuterol is a very effective supplement for your cutting cycle and really has a small chance of giving you side effects, just be sure not to abuse it.

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