3 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Services

Medical billing can be an arduous task. That’s why to see to it, medical practitioners either hire trained specialists for the job or outsource the whole process to a decent medical billing service. Both ways are fine, as there is no right or wrong way to go about it. But there are certain advantages of outsourcing the tasks over hiring a dedicated resource that we have discussed below.

  1. Reduce labor cost:

When the specialists work full-time in the office, the labor cost increases tremendously than when they work from home or only work part-time. Same thing happens with the medical billing services, as medical billing services have their own employees, the health practitioners don’t have to pay for the billing staff because the billing service prepares the claims, files them and follows-up with the insurance companies.

Do you know that medical billing services can save up to 30% in savings by outsourcing the medical billing task instead of hiring a dedicated professional?

Let’s calculate the amount of money saved by outsourcing the medical billing service.

Suppose the biller/coder is paid a salary of $40,000, the office products include $5,000 and the office expenses are $2000. In comparison, the company hired for the job is only paid $30,000 for planning and completing all the work.

This is because the agency has a number of projects running at the same time. They have a team that handles the project, so the costs are less for the work they do. And they are paid a good amount for handling the billing service of the medical practice.

  1. Focus on patient care

The practitioners should focus on their core responsibility and that is patient care. Many times while handling the healthcare unit’s expenses, these practitioners often get themselves jumbled between expenses and healthcare and this affects their practice. They are not able to focus on their job and that is where medical practitioners need to think about hiring a dedicated resource for the purpose.

This is true for small medical practices that can’t afford to hire a team of dedicated resources to handle billing and coding services. By subscribing to a medical billing service they will be able to avail both the medical billers and coders that are professional at their tasks. By outsourcing, the practitioners become stress-free as they do not have to tackle both the tasks and are in a better position to provide their expertise to the patients. The result contends customers and higher retention rate.

  1. Reduce billing errors and turnaround time

Most doctors want to get paid for their services within weeks. But that isn’t possible if the medical bill has errors in it. In that case, the billing can take several weeks. But when the medical practices send clean claims, they are paid within weeks. Now how to make those clean claims that do not get rejected?

Medical billing is a place where errors lead to delay in the cost recovery. By hiring a team of medical billers and coders the cost can be reduced because these professionals always look for changes in codes, new updates, modifiers, and constantly re-educate themselves. This reduces the turnaround time of cost recovery by a great deal.


Medical billing services help save time, money and de-stress the medical practice’s workspace. They are faster, punctual and provide better services because of specialized people for the job. If these parameters are compared, then no doubt medical billing services have the edge over the in-house medical billers.

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