Alton Ingram MD provides tips on how to recover post breast augmentation surgery

These days breast augmentation has become quite popular and with the increasing demand of clients, the technology used for breast enhancement surgery has advanced meaningfully. Moreover, the new techniques that are used for the surgical process ensure that the recovery time is fast so that individuals can get back to their normal life fast.

Alton Ingram MD offers tips to recover fast after breast augmentation

Most of the women opt for breast augmentation especially after an untoward incident, mastectomy and breast irregularities. The fact is that women who go through breast augmentation these days recover much quicker than their older counterparts. Alton Ingram MD, being a leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon says that the speedy recovery has been possible because of the use of advanced techniques and methods.

However he says that no individuals should avoid the medications and the therapies recommended by the doctors as then it can further complicate the process. Mentioned below are some of the tips provided by Dr. Alton Ingram for fast recovery after breast augmentation process:

  • After the surgery most of the people feel nauseous. This especially occurs due to anesthesia that is used during the surgical procedure. Earlier, the doctors did not prescribe the use of anti-nausea medicine before or after the surgery. But currently, with developments in technology, doctors suggest anti-nausea drugs as this can help to decrease the incident of nausea.
  • Post-surgery, individuals may experience redness, swelling, and discoloration of the breasts. This typically happens owing to the widening of the skin during the implant process. Even though these signs recede after a few weeks, doctors these days prescribe skin creams and lotions to reduce tenderness, discoloration and swelling.
  • Bruising in the chest area after the surgery is quite normal. The use of compression bandages and surgical bra will aid diminish discomfort and safeguard the wounds.
  • Stretch marks developing around breast implants are quite rare and typically occur when larger sized implants are utilized. In case these stretch marks develop then there are some laser treatments that can be done to help minimize their appearance. Or one can also refer to the doctor to find out what medication can be applied to reduce marks.
  • After the breast augmentation surgery is over, one should not take part in any strenuous activities. Doctors suggest that those who are in physically demanding job should take at least two to three weeks’ off after the operation. It is also better to avoid driving after the surgery for one week or so.

Dr. Alton Ingram MD says that right after breast augmentation surgery the recovery process starts. It is vital to take good care during this period to ensure that the body restores properly. Before becoming a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Alton Ingram has obtained medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. Before going to medical college he has attended Yale University from where he has received the Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Philosophy.

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