Hair Loss in Children

Hair loss in men and women has remained one of the active debates for all times but hair loss in children has not been much discussed. Aconsiderable percentage of children has been visiting pediatricians with the complaint of excessive hair loss with no apparent reason. However, there can be various causes of hair loss and medical conditions that can lead to heavy hair loss in children.

Tinea capitis is the one of the most commonly observed causes of hair loss which is also known as ringworm. It is basically a fungal infection that causes round or oval shaped bald and scaled patches on scalp. In some cases, instead of bald patches, small dots appear on the scalp because of the hair follicles breakage from its surface. This disease is extremely contagious in nature due to which special care is required. Doctors normally recommend antifungal medications for the treatment.
Alopecia Areata is not only experienced by the adults but sometimes children go through it too. It is an immune system disorder.It happens when one’s own immunity attacks the hair follicles causing sudden hair loss. In such condition, immediate round or oval shaped bald patches appear on the scalp. These patches are not scaled or contain broken hair, they are smooth and slick instead. When children go through this problem, they also experience ridging and pitting of their nails. If properly treated, many of the children get their hair back within a period of six to eight months. But in some children, this condition progresses, leading towards total hair loss from not only scalp but from all over the body.
Trichotillomania is another most common condition, specifically observed in children. Hair loss is experienced when the sufferer pulls out one’s own hair. It is an impulse control disorder that creates an irresistible urge to pull, twist or pluck one’s hair strands. It leads to severe hair loss with visible bald patches and it can also result in complete baldness depending upon the intensity of disease. This is usually caused due to stress or trauma triggered by any incident such as death of a grandparent, parent’s separation or birth of a sibling. It requires immediate treatment with the help of a counsellor or a psychiatrist.

Telogen Effluvium is another cause of hair loss. The normal hair growth cycle gets disturbed in this condition, leading the hair follicles to stay in the resting phase longer than the required period that results in excessive partial and sometimes complete hair loss. This can happen because of severe stress, high fever, and general anaesthesia, in case of a surgery or due to certain high potency medications. This is however, a temporary condition that goes away with a decrease in stress levels.
Nutritional deficiencies in children are also common, leading to heavy hair loss. Nutrients that facilitate conversion of carbohydrates into glucose, including B complex vitamins, biotin, Vitamin H etc. are important to provide energy to the body and to regulate the cycle of hair growth. Iron deficiency that causes anaemia is also a reason why children lose hair. Maintaining a healthy diet and taking nutritional supplements can control hair loss caused by nutritional deficiency.
These are some of the causes of hair loss, commonly observed in children. In addition to treating the actual cause of hair loss, Toppik Hair Building Fibers can also be useful for concealing the bald patches. These fibers are not designed for adults only, children can also use these products as they are not harmful in any way.

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