How To Keep Yourself Happy In Pregnancy?

The journey to becoming a mother is a wonderful time in itself. A time which brings in the hopes of a beautiful future coupled with a multitude of emotions.

The myriad combination of the highs and lows a mother experiences while carrying her baby make pregnancy an interesting time to reminisce about later. From hormonal changes to morning sickness and new changes in the body, things may seem quite overwhelming for the would be mother. Hormones are all over the place and mood swings may tire you out mentally. So here are a few changes that would-be mothers can bring into their lives to make their ‘mommy time’ a happy one.

How To Keep Yourself Happy In Pregnancy

Proper Planning:

Keeping your priorities in order and organizing things accordingly are a good way to start your day. “What does your body need? What does your would be baby need? How to schedule my appointments with the gynec?” You can ask yourself these questions or seek help from someone you trust. Plan your days accordingly. Planning is essential since it keeps you prepared for any event in advance.

A Positive Mindset:

First and foremost, a positive frame of mind can work wonders for you and your little one. Start bit by bit. Ditch the bad thoughts, fears and apprehensions. Remind yourself that you are going to give birth to a new life and you will make this experience a wonderful one. Little details, little things are a great source of happiness. Practice gratitude. Meet new people and increase your circle of friends. Share your feelings with them. Involve your partner in all big and small things. Meditation will soothe your mind. Positive reaffirmations everyday will impact the baby’s mind in a good way.


Exercise creates the ‘happy hormones’ in your body called serotonin, which makes it an effective way to stay smiling throughout the day. A simple exercise program can keep the muscles strong and make you ready for a healthy normal delivery. Once your doctor approves of your exercise regimen, you can start with simple warm-up exercises, followed by gentle stretches to tone you up.

If you have been exercising before pregnancy and continue to do so even now, chances are that you will be able to lose all the pregnancy weight even quicker once you give birth. Prenatal Yoga is a rising trend among would be mothers these days and has proven to give good benefits with its low impact technique. If you want, you can search for yoga classes in your area or simply get a DVD and you are good to go! Exercising 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes is a good way to start.

With a healthy fitness routine, you can say bye-bye to backache, gestational diabetes and constipation and look forward to peaceful sleep and lots of energy throughout the day!


This is one of the perfect ways for mommy and her baby to communicate with each other. The little one in your womb cannot hear voices or music directly, but can sense it with vibrations generated by each note. Use this time to play your favorite pieces of music and let your baby enjoy. The amniotic fluid which surrounds the baby in the womb acts as a carrier of vibrations. If you talk regularly to your baby in the womb, it learns to recognize intonations of voice and remembers them as familiar. Read out loud to your baby. Garbh Sanskar is a well known collection of melodious music which is said to enhance the mental state of a baby when it is in the womb. The mental state of a child is largely dependent on how the mother feels. This novel concept of ‘eduaction in the womb’ is a beautiful way to brighten your mood up.


Keeping yourself well informed about the journey of pregnancy and the baby will help you prepare for the future in the right way. Learn as much as you can from your elders, loved ones and experts. Many mothers may feel anxious because they do not know what lies ahead. Go to your local bookstore and start with simple pregnancy guides. The power of internet should not be underestimated. You can join groups where people share their experiences related to motherhood, or follow blogs where you can read tips to ease your day.

The Power of Touch:

Touch is a powerful way to interact with your baby. It is an unspoken language which can convey a multitude of emotions. Your baby would be moving around in the womb which can be felt as ‘kicks.’ A tiny bump on the tummy which can make any mother happy in a matter of minutes. Touch your belly then. Move your hands gently over your baby. Study its reactions to your touch and feel the joy.

A good gentle massage at your home or in the spa will relax you completely. Gentle movements relieve the tension and stress of pregnancy and calm you down. Savor these moments of tranquility and enjoy.


Shopping is a popular stress buster among the ladies. So take your best friends along and shop for some comfortable and trendy maternity wear. Pretty designs and comfort wear are available in the market for you to style up. But remember to take care of your wallet before the urge to splurge takes over!

Make a journal:

Diaries are a silent spectator, a silent friend who listen to your heart and store those memories forever (unless you lose them of course). Jot down your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be in fancy words or flowery sentences. Use simple words and more importantly, your feelings. Write how you felt when you first felt your baby’s kick. Mention how does it feel to see a round bump on your tummy, or write about any funny experience with your partner. This diary will be a gem to treasure forever.

Make New Memories:

Organize a get-together with your loved ones. Sing. Dance slowly. Travel to that favorite place of yours. Eat to your heart’s content. Watch funny and happy movies. Laugh. Record your new milestones and make a video of it. Someday when you will reminisce your pregnancy days, these little memories will fill your heart in a big way.

Motherhood is an experience, something to be treasured forever. Routine check ups, lots of bonding and a healthy lifestyle can help you make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible. Mothers may get apprehensive because of some scary stories other people may share, but it is your job to keep all the bad thoughts at bay. Indulge to your heart’s content. Enjoy that glow which brightens your face. Admire your hair which become healthier during this period. Most importantly, be happy, because your happiness reaches your little one too.

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