How To Struggle With Depression On Your Own

Depression is a quite serious mental state. It can cause a lot of serious consequences. However, each of us can cope with the depression. We should only know some tips and methods that can be very helpful.

  1. Change your attitude toward day-to-day affairs and responsibilities.

Family, communication with colleagues, friends and relatives, work, study, household chores – all these factors require a person to perform a certain range of responsibilities. Every day, each of us must solve many problems. Depression deprives us of vitality. In addition, the thing that seemed to be a norm yesterday, becomes an unbearable burden and contributes to the development of the disease today.

Do not set an impossible task. Now your priority goal is recovery, for which you need to fight. You should strive to get as much information as possible on how to deal with depression. Work only in the rhythm that you can endure, which is comfortable for you. Large tasks should be divided into smaller ones, then the depression will not manifest itself so sharply, and you can start to act in the right direction.

  1. Postpone serious decisions until better times.

Depression reduces the body’s internal reserves, significantly affects self-esteem in the direction of its lowering and “color” the vision of tomorrow in black tones. Because of this reason you can make a mistake: either load the cargo on your shoulders, from the habit of focusing on the reserve of forces that you owned earlier, before you “visited” the depression, or abandon what is important and significant, being afraid not to cope with the task.

  1. Avoid stressful situations

Depression is also dangerous because of the stress-resistance approach and the adequacy of the assessment of the situation that comes with it. At the stage of euphoria, you may think that you can do everything and there are no tasks that you would not have coped with. In a depressed state, on the contrary, one gets the feeling that it is impossible to perform even the simplest task, and he suffers from fear and exaggeration of complexities. All this, sooner or later, leads to nervous breakdowns and mental overstrain.

Ways of healing: your priorities

Perhaps now you can not even imagine how to overcome depression and take the first steps towards a full-fledged happy life. However, believe us, there is a way out, and quite a lot depends on you in this situation.

  • More communication with people. Very often depression leads to the fact that a person does not want to communicate with anyone. He has only one desire – to hide in a shell, to close his armor from the rest of the world. However, contacts with people close to you by interests are one of the most effective ways to combat your illness. Choose a social circle that promotes recovery. Do not reproach relatives for being impatient with you – not always communicating with a sick person is a pleasant and simple occupation.

  • Do the things that give you pleasure. Depression is a pit, a hole full of sadness and despair. Having it, you feel suffering and unbearable sadness. However, always remember that you can get out of any situation. How to overcome depression? Take a walk, watch your favorite movies, buy lovely trinkets, lie in a warm bath with plenty of foam, take your favorite hobby, fiddle with pets, read books, go to exhibitions, to the theater and cinema. In general, do what brings you pleasure (something that previously brought pleasure). If in the process of such a pastime, you feel guilty, consider that this doctor has prescribed a prescription for you to receive joy, and with it, a good mood will return.

  • Go in for sports. This is not about professional sports, we are talking about any physical exercises. You do not need significant efforts, but light and easy exercises will be very useful. If you, while reading these lines, want to object to us: what kind of physical activity can there be, when even any habitual movement is seen as an impossible task for you? We will answer you by the following: depression inhibits the production of “hormones of joy and pleasure,” and physical activity triggers the release of the endorphins of the brain, which is why the patient’s condition is significantly improved. Therefore, do not neglect charging and any other physical exercises: cycling, pilates, yoga, fast walking.

  • Avoid idleness. Yes, depression provokes a state of total inactivity, when you want to just lie on the couch, with the missing sight in the TV, but you must understand that this is a dead-end path, in no way conducive to your healing. You need to fight this! To begin with, just “get out of bed”, be interested in your favorite business, whether it’s cleaning in a room or replanting domestic plants in new flower pots. The main thing is not to be lazy!

Our tips are really useful, but in any case, you shouldn’t neglect the visit to the doctor. Be healthy and do not forget, that you can fight the depression on your own!

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