Important Facts About Lung Cancer You Should Know

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers and every year many victims fall prey to this deadly disease. Cancer develops as a tumor in the lungs and the cancer cells starts multiplying in number. These cancer cells do not carry out the same functions of a normal lung cell and slowly starts interfering into the normal functioning of the lungs that provides oxygen to the body via the blood. The reason why cancer is more dangerous because it shows no symptoms externally on the patient’s body and thereby goes undetected.

There can be many reasons for lungs cancer, but the most common and highest cause of this disease is smoking. Smoking contributes to almost 90% of deaths causes due to lung cancer every year. Other reasons are air pollution and exposure to hazardous natural and emitted gases like radon, asbestos, uranium, chromium etc.
Symptoms of lung cancer
It is possible to cure lung cancer if detected at an earlier stages with the aid of lung cancer medicines and certain precautions as directed by an expert. There are numerous lung cancer drugs that are available for the cure of the disease. There are certain common symptoms as mentioned here which indicates possibilities of lungs cancer –

  • Persistent cough for a long time.
  • Chest, shoulder and back pains.
  • Breathlessness
  • Voice change and hoarseness
  • Change in the colour of sputum.
  • Lung problems like pneumonia or bronchitis
  • Coughing blood

Certain other and common symptoms confirming the cancer are loss of appetite, fatigue, sudden loss of weight, joint pains, swelling in the neck and face, general weakness, blood clots and bleeding.
Lung cancer treatments
There are many drugs, vitamins and chemical agents available to help the growth of the abnormal cancer cells called as chemoprevention. Chemotherapy is applied to patients, which is a process of giving medicines or combination of medicines for the treatment of cancer. However, there are certain regular process for the cure of lung cancer like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
Chemotherapy is applied pre and post-surgery and along with radiotherapy also for better and faster results.
Affordable means of cure
To make treatments affordable and medicines easily available generic cancer drugs are the best options. Generic drugs are made available in the market once the patented drug runs out on a brand name. These drugs works exactly the same way the brand drug works and has the same effects as the original.
You can be confident that generic medicines are of equal high quality, it is just that these drugs have a different buffer during their composition. There is a growing demand of these drugs in the market mainly because of the higher costs of branded drugs. Brand-name drugs are expensive as they are result of researches, process and marketing. As the brand name drug is newly made a patent is allotted to it to allow it to earn profit from its sale. When the copyright of these branded drugs near ending, other companies takes permission to manufacture generic versions of these drugs and thus making lung cancer medicines more affordable for all.

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