Quick Ways To Comparing The Quality And Cost Of Mammography Machines

The occurrence and onset of breast cancer in women is on the rise these days. If you are a medical practitioner with your own clinic, you might have noticed women coming in for a mammogram test!

If you have a mammography machine, you would have easily conducted the test to know if one is suffering from breast cancer or not. If not, you can easily avail a doctor loan for up to Rs.35 lakh from an online lender if you have some shortage of money.

Doing this would help you strengthen your practice easily. Let’s have a quick look at some of the basics of a mammogram to know more!

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is an X-ray (low-dose) that allows radiologists to look for alternation the tissue of the breast. It helps in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Why do you need a mammogram?

A mammogram helps you diagnose breast cancer early when it’s small and don’t even have a lump. It’s easiest to treat during early stages, and mammogram helps you do so.

What are the types of mammograms?

Screening mammograms – this method is used to look for the signs of breast cancer for women without having prior symptoms or problems. The mammography machine takes X-ray images of both the breast from 2 different angles.

Diagnostic mammograms – this method includes extra views of the breast not included in screening mammograms. The method is also used on women who were earlier diagnosed with breast cancer, sometimes.

What do mammograms diagnose or show?

Mammograms exhibit breast’s abnormal area. However, they can’t decide if the area is cancerous, but can help doctors to know if more testing is needed or not.

How do mammography machines work?

A mammography machine is designed in such a way to look only at the breast tissues. The machine takes X-rays at lower doses as compared to normal X-rays. The machine has 2 plates, and they compress or flattens the breast and this spread the tissues easily. This is done because these X-rays don’t go through the tissues smoothly. As a result, it helps to give a better and clear image and passes less radiation.

Are mammograms safe?

Although mammograms expose the breast to some sort of radiation while diagnosing breast cancer, it has larger benefits that outweigh any harm from the radiation. Modern mammography machines incorporate low radiation doses to take out high-quality of breast X-rays.

If a woman is expecting, she should let the radiologist know about it. Although the foetus’ risk is negligible, the mammograms (screening) are not regularly conducted in pregnant women.

You can buy a mammography machine using a doctor loan

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The Bottom Line

Don’t let the lack of funds hinder your progress! Make the most of a doctor loan and buy a mammography machine on easy terms and conditions!

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