Sea Salt Against Cellulite – Home Recipes

Few people think about how nature provides gifts to fight various shortcomings of our body, one of these gifts is the sea salt. It is the perfect weapon for any woman who has decided to wage war against cellulite.

Sea salt favorably affects human skin. It represents a natural exfoliant that refreshes the skin. Although we talk about salt here is not about skin drying or makes it rough. Using sea salt in beauty treatments (including cellulite) are used since ancient times, even at the time of the Romans, sea ​​salt began to be used in their tanks. Since then, the dates and the use of bath salts tradition that has remained to this day.

Sea Salt Against Cellulite - Home Recipes

Sea salt is rich in minerals that are extremely beneficial for the skin and also gives strength to fight cellulite. From mineral ingredients in sea salt are most strongly represented – iron, magnesium, iodine and calcium. In the marine salt has a number of minerals, but these are the most important for our skin.

Cellulite Fight it

In today’s issue, we will examine various options to fight cellulite at home. We decided to introduce you to the sea salt because it is effective, inexpensive and accessible to every woman – sea salt can be purchased from any pharmacy. Procedures against cellulite not take much time, are easy to implement and if you do them regularly and properly will be able to stop the development of cellulite. It is time to mention that even if you do not currently a problem with cellulite spa treatments at home which will offer you will clean your skin in a unique way and will make you feel happier.

Cellulite body scrub with sea salt

To prepare homemade body scrub you will need: 1 cup sea salt (you need to be fine) 1 cup lavender oil (which may be another option), 2 teaspoons olive oil. home-made scrub for cellulite is very easy. All ingredients are mixed in a deep dish and mix. Let stand 10 minutes, then mix again. Use: Scrub is applied to moist and warm skin, it is best to use it after a shower. Apply all over your body, focusing on areas affected by cellulite. Application is better it vigorously.

Homemade body scrub with sea salt

To prepare homemade scrub you will need except 1 cup sea salt and 15 drops of essential oils and half a cup massage oil. Here as in scrub sea salt is better to be finely ground. The reason for this is that thus decreased irritation of the skin. The preparation of our homemade body scrub is also very easy. Again in a deep pot pour sea salt and add the butter. Begin stirring. It needs to get an average of thick porridge. Then add drops of essential oils. While adding drops of essential oil needed to shuffle more intense. Houseware scrub is applied well and rub the places where you have cellulite problem.

The amount of domestic scrap will reach at least 4 times. The amount that you remain best to store it in the refrigerator. Houseware scrub is very effective not only for cellulite, but also to remove dead skin, but should not be abused because in frequent use hurts the living skin of It is recommended to use home with sea salt only once a week.

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