Spinal disorder – The Problem And Solution by The Top Spine Specialist in India

The spine is the core structure of the body. It consists of the spine, muscles, organs and tissues all of which work together to keep a person alive. If even one of the parts gets affected all the other organs get equally affected by it. The spine gives a person the strength to walk. Most importantly, it gives the power to stand, sit, talk, walk and make all kinds of body movement.

What is Spine?

The spine consists of separate bones called vertebrae which are held together by the muscles and ligaments. Discs are present between the divisions of the spinal structure. It acts like an elastic and flexible pivot which gives people the opportunity to move the body parts in any direction and also rotate the neck. Depending on the location of the spinal bone every part has a different name. The neck spine is called Cervical Spine, chest part is called thoracic spine, and the lower spine is named lumber and sacral spine.

Spine Problem

There are different issues along the spine of the human body. Some children are born with spinal diseases and defects. These defective spines grow in their body under unusual conditions. These are known as Kyphosis. Sometimes the spinal problem comes from a defect in the nervous system, muscle disease or illness with different causes and effects in spinal deformation like palsy.

Nutrition is also a major problem in a country like India which makes spinal structure abnormal. Spine specialist in India, recommend having a proper nutrition for the woman to prevent spinal problems in the new born baby. Doctors give them the proper food chart.

One of the major reasons of spinal disorder is food nutrition. Since the food quality is getting low, the mineral structure present in our daily food gets changed a lot. This is a significant cause of the disease in the various problems in the body including spines.

Sometimes the spinal cord has issues due to accidental injuries, blood circulation in the body, broken or fractured bones, tumors, etc. Nowadays, youngsters develop spinal problems due to sitting in a chair for a long time with no movement like walking or bending. These cause spinal complications.

Spinal symptom

Spine problems offer a number of symptoms like:

  • Walking long distances becomes difficult
  • Maintaining body balance is troublesome
  • Back pain which spreads to the legs respectively
  • Lack of stamina and strength in physical activity
  • Paralysis

Spinal complications can be fixed by proper medication and therapy. Hospitals are present where surgeries are done by the top spinal specialist in India. According to doctors, regular exercise can solve a lot of fitness and health issues related to spinal disorder or complications. However, several spinal disorders sometimes need special attention from physicians. It can neither be fixed with any kind of medication nor any therapy. In this case, only a top spinal specialist can help you to eradicate your problem.

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