Take care of your heart

People do lead very hectic and stressful lives these days. They have a lot of work pressure and due to irregular routine (like eating unhealthy food and improper amount of sleep) they keep on inviting untimely health problems. Cardiac arrest is definitely one of them.
One has to remember that, cardiac arrests are more serious situations that a heart attacks and if proper steps are not taken immediately; it can lead to a huge health hazard including death. In case of heart attacks, there is a sudden hindrance of blood supply to the heart and it happens because an artery gets blocked suddenly. But in case of cardiac arrests, the heart stops beating suddenly due to an unexpected electrical imbalance in the body. There are best hospitals for cardiology in India where one can go for treatment.
But there are some easy ways which one can maintain their health and in turn stay away from heart problems. Smoking is very injurious to health. If you smoke or if you have some second hand exposures to smoking, then you have to stop that immediately. This habit increases the rate of lung cancer, heart diseases and peripheral vascular diseases. Apart from that it can bring minor difficulties in life like bronchial asthma and chest congestions. Neither of it is good for human heart. So, it is a great idea to avoid it. You also have to check on your calories. Make sure what you eat are enough healthy. If you have a tendency of diabetes then you have to check your body weight as well. Obesity is another major reason to fall prey of heart diseases. One has to eat healthy portions of protein and carbohydrate and also eat a fruit on a regular basis.
Sudden cardiac arrests mainly happen without any kind of warning or symptoms. However, there are few signs which one has to look for if they are suspecting sudden cardiac arrest is a person around them. There can be a sudden loss of consciousness and they can collapse. They will not even respond when there is a vigorous tap on shoulders. If you find that your fellow person is suddenly gasping for breath and they are facing a sudden increase in their heart beats then one has to check out.
Now the question is, when do you need to visit a cardiologist? Well, there are certain symptoms which you really need to take very seriously. If you have a very high blood pressure and it cannot be controlled then you have to visit a cardiologist. Are you suffering from high cholesterol and getting very much tired even if you work very little? Then this should not be taken lightly as well. Some may also suffer from sudden weakness or nausea. They can also suffer from sudden fainting. These symptoms are of a weak heart and so an expert consultation is needed.
There are many cardiology hospitals in India and one can take expert advices from the experienced doctors who are attached to those hospitals.

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