Teenage Skin Talks with Ayurveda

Teenage years are confusing to say the least. As the body transitions from adolescence to puberty, we experience the concurrent occurrence of physical, biological and emotional changes.
Some of these changes may seem unwelcome and hard to adjust to at first.
Skin, the largest organ of the body, also evolves. Facing dermatologic concerns during teenage years is very common – stress, hormonal and hereditary factors could all be possible culprits.
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According to Ayurveda, lifestyle and dietary habits also have an equally significant impact on our skin. Acne triggers include but are not limited to immoderate intake of fried and junk food (affects Kapha and Pitta), a highly polluted environment, excess usage of cosmetic products and constant night awakening.
As these factors make clear to us, skin concerns stem from causes that are both internal and external. Thus, in keeping with the tenets of Ayurveda, a holistic approach is recommended to tackle Yuvana Pidika – or specific teenage problems.
Most teenagers are bothered by the unsightly appearance of pimples and their first impulse is to poke or prod them. However, as badly as we’d like them gone, unthinkingly weeding them out only makes it worse. The same holds true for strong drugstore products that disturb the skin’s natural pH, deprive it of natural oils, lead to over dryness and an even higher production of oil.
Instead, ancient ingredients like neem (purifies blood), sandalwood (calms and soothes) and nutmeg (lightens acne scars) – work from below the skin’s surface to target the problem at its source. Additionally metals like rajat (silver) bhasma and yasad (zinc) bhasma are known to be effective at remedying doshic imbalances.
In Ayurveda, each dosha is directly connected to a portion of the face. Vata influences the top third – forehead and temples. Pitta is connected to the middle – cheeks and nose. Kapha regulates the bottom third – from the end of the ears right down to the jaw and neck.
Each dosha has a distinct set of qualities that sets it apart from the others. This means that the type of acne we experience is a direct result of a particular doshic imbalance and merits individual treatment.
Identifying the internal unrest that manifests on the skin in the form of acne goes a long way in treating the problem. It also helps to use facial products made from ingredients that do not deprive our skin of natural oils.
The Teenage Day and Night Cream Range offered by Forest Essentials not only helps regulate sebum production but is also gentle and hydrating at the same time.
In addition to a topical approach, lifestyle habits like Yoga, regular sleep and a nourishing diet are lifelong necessities for a happy skin and soul.

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