The Best Positions for Breastfeeding

Though the philosophy of breastfeeding may seem a bit simple, but the reality is far from truth. If a mother is aware of the best position for breastfeeding baby then a lot of problems could be kept at bay. So what are the best positions for breastfeeding? There are numerous positions and trust me each one of it has their merits along with demerits. First and foremost you would need to be aware of the fact that in breastfeeding it is all about comfort and you need to be in a position which ensures that.

The baby needs to be placed adjacent to you so that they do not have to turn their head to nurse. The face should be facing the nipple. If the baby goes on to latch on to the nipple in a manner that hurts remove it in a gentle manner and try again.

The position of cradle hold

This is in fact the best position for breastfeeding mothers. You are seated in a comfortable chair with arm rests and the baby is held in one crook from the breast you are feeding from. The back of the baby should be held with the open arm. The mouth of the baby has to be guided towards the breast and just keep in mind that you should not lean too much forward or backward.

Breastfeeding in a laid back manner

In this form of position the mother lies on a couch or bed which goes on to support their head or shoulders. Once again being comfortable and having plenty of support is the key. Do rest the baby in such a position which is comfortable to them.

The position of clutch

Mothers who have had a C section delivery are going to find this position comfortable as the baby is being kept away from the incision. The head of the baby is being supported by the arm and the arm supports the back. The other arm is going to support the breast. If the baby is small you can rely on the use of pillows.

Cradle hold

The baby should lie down on your lap, and you should be lying on the side. Once again if the need arises you can rely on the use of pillows and bring them to the correct height. Pillow support is bound to be needed in the first few weeks when the size of the baby is very small. In some ways the need may arise for you to support the breast as well. To ensure that the baby is comfortable see that the head along with bottom is at the same level.

Position of side lying

This has to be said that this is the most comfortable position. This is all the more so in the first few weeks after delivery when you need sleep at night.

From the above whatever type of position you go on to choose, it does take only a minute for it to begin.

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