Understanding the Process of Arm Lift

Arm Lift Melbourne  is also called brachiplasty. It’s a surgical process which helps in removing additional fat and skin from under the arms from the shoulders till the elbow. This makes the arms slim, youthful and tones the upper body.
Why do you need to get this process done?
The biggest reason why people go for this process is for getting dramatic weight-loss. The excess skin on upper arm might look flabby, and this can be quite embarrassing and make you self-conscious while wearing sleeveless clothes.
The dramatic weight-loss is not the only thing which contributes in losing the skin of the upper arm. Some people even develop sagging and dropping skin in the area naturally because of gravity and aging. Regularly exercising keeps the muscles tight, but it does not fix the excess skin or for removing the stubborn, diet resistant fat deposit.
Apart from removing the excess fat and skin, this process also results in tightening the underlying tissues of the underside of the upper arms. This gives the arms a smoother and tauter appearance.
What to expect from the surgery?
A person who opts for Arm Lift Melbourne would have absolutely realistic expectations about the result of the surgery and would also be in a good physical and mental health. The person should be undergoing the surgery due to personal reasons and not for satisfying anyone else. The non-smokers are usually good candidates for surgeries as compared to smokers as smoking interferes with the process of healing.
The patient needs to be an adult who’s at a stable weight. Even the thin people may be predisposed genetically for developing bat wing arms with age. So they shouldn’t rule out themselves as the candidate for this process.
A prospective candidate would have extra skin having poor elasticity on the upper arms.
Initial consultation
During the initial consultation, the certified plastic surgeons performing the surgery review the medical history of the patient. He would evaluate your skin on the upper arm, then discuss your expectations and take some pre-operative pictures. This surgeon would then describe the process and any pre and post-operative care instructions. He would even discuss the risks related to the process of the surgery.
Preparing for the surgery
The surgeon would probably order the lab tests in advance for ensuring that you’re in a good health. You will have to quit smoking minimum 6 weeks before his procedure and for 6 weeks after the surgery. You would be given instructions regarding your diet. You will also have to adjust to any kind of medications you might be taking so that they do not interfere with the process of recovery.
You may experience some swelling, tenderness as well as bruising after the surgery. Discomfort may be easily managed with the prescribed medicines from the doctor. Bruising and swelling would start disappearing in 2 weeks’ time.
This is how the process of Arm Lift Melbourne is done.

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