Ways to help you recover from a liver transplant

liver transplant

Liver transplant works out to be a painful procedure. It would be harmful for the person who is undergoing it. It is not easy being a care taker. You need to give all the love and attention to the patient who is suffering from the trauma. Though when you meet the best liver transplant specialist in India, you will be given a set of instructions. But there are some tips that would still be of a lot of help at this point of time as well.

After a surgery a patient is discharged within a couple of weeks. In order to have a complete recovery it does take some time. For this reason a strong support system would also be called for at the same time.  Being a caretaker a few points are needed to be considered

  • Once the surgery is over, the patient would be in the ICU for a few days under the care of nurses
  • Any pain killer would be given in order to mitigate from the surgery. Here you would need a ventilator to assist in the fitting scenario. Tubes are going to be put in the stomach so that fluids will be inserted as well. With the aid of catheters you may also need to drain the fluids as well.
  • Just after a few days of time you do send over the patient to the general ward. They are kept there for a couple of weeks and then discharged. When you are looking for a complete recovery it would take somewhere between 3 months to a single year as well.

As a caretaker there are a series of steps that need to be undertaken

Follow up visits

Once the surgery is over the patient has to be brought over to the hospital once in two weeks. But after a few days the visits are going to be less frequent as well. In the follow up weeks, the patients’ needs to check for the transplant procedure as well.

At this point of time you would need transport help for someone to help you transport to and fro from the hospital. You need to take view of the fact that mobility can be a difficult issue to deal with. If your patient needs travel it would be better to take them back to the hospital all over again.

Specify the items

The medical team needs to send you a list handy that needs to be there during the casting period. Do make a list of these things that are needed so that you can go on to purchase the items in a correct manner as well.

Once the surgery is over you would need to have a diet that is more directed towards protein based food. They are building blocks of the human body. On the other hand fruits like berries, apple is better for the body at this point of time as well.

All these steps to ensure a speedy recovery from the liver transplant.

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