What is Ultrasound Therapy in Physiotherapy?

Ultrasound Therapy Machine ManufacturersFor the last fifty years, therapists are using ultrasound as a treatment for sports injuries. Ultrasound is a modality used by physical therapists to help patients for pain management. Therapists use a sound head or something like a wand that you see in a doctor’s clinic that they do on different patients such as pregnant women. They rub a little gel on the sound head and your body and move the sound head on concerned part of the body in a circular motion. By doing it heat is generated in the joint, it increases over all blood flow circulation that facilitates loosing up of tissues in order to respond to stretch or any other physical exercise that therapists use to relax tight joints and tight muscles. It is used for nonthermal effects in severe injuries in which no heat is generated but increases blood flow which in turn reduces inflammation.
Many areas of the body get injured, and one cannot move that part naturally the way it should. In case one tries to move it by force the area pains much, and in such case, one needs to visit an expert physiotherapist who can diagnose him and help to get quick relief. For faster relief, the experts use various instruments as well as mechanical tools. Among such tools, the device that offers ultrasound therapy is of great significance these days.
On coming in contact with air, sound waves cause dissipation of the waves; a special ultrasound gel is put on the skin so that maximum contact between treatment head and the skin to ensure a medium through which sound waves will travel. Ultrasound can be done under water that provides a medium.
Effects of ultrasound therapy
Therapeutic ultrasound effects are still disputed. There is very little proof how the healing is caused by the therapeutic ultrasound in injured tissue. There are no scientific evidences to support it. However, it’s widely practiced by the therapists all over the world on the basis of their personal experiences. Below given are some of the known advantages of ultrasound therapy:


When the ultrasound waves pass through the sound head into the skin, it makes the surrounding tissues to vibrate especially that which contain collagen. This leads to the generation of heat within the tissue. This rise in the temperature loosens up the ligaments, scar tissues, tendons and fibrous joint capsules. Heating also reduces pain and muscle spasms and increases the healing process.


Ultrasound therapy increases the healing of the soft tissues. It reduces inflammation by attracting mast cells to the place of injury. This leads to quick recovery.


There are various machines used for the ultrasound therapy. Some of the machines are listed below:

  • Sensor ultrasound therapy
  • Ultrasonic therapy unit
  • Ultrasonic pain therapy machine.

These are produced by the leading Ultrasound Therapy Machine Manufacturers all over the world. The ultrasound therapy unit price in India varies from producer to producer as well as seller to seller.

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