Why Get Cancer Treatment in India?

Cancer is a dangerous disease that has caused many lives. About two decades ago, the survival rate of cancer patients was extremely low. But fortunately, with the advancement in the field of medicine, today cancer can be cured with the help of chemotherapy. India has become a great centre for curing cancer of all kinds. Our hospitals have some of best medical facilities and world renowned oncologists who with their skills have managed to cure many cancer patients. Let us understand how Chemotherapy can help fight cancer.

What is Chemotherapy?

It is a procedure only meant for cancer patients. In this procedure, chemical agents are used to kill cancerous cell and stop them from growing. Chemotherapy has proved to be effective for many cancer patients, enabling them to enjoy their normal life. However, you need to follow a proper chemotherapy schedule to get successful results. If you are planning to get the treatment in India, good news is cost of doing chemotherapy in India is reasonable.

Side effects

Chemotherapy is known to be a painful and uncomfortable therapy for treating cancer; mainly because of the side effects. However, with progression in the field of medicine, side effects management has come a long way. Thankfully, many side-effects today can be easily managed and controlled. Below are some of the common side effects that most of the patients suffer: –

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Low platelet count
  • Low white blood cell count
  • Hair loss

Some of the side effects are temporary and gone post the completion. Everything depends on how much your body can take. If your body does not respond to chemotherapy properly then it can cause delay in treatment or worse, life threatening. But again, things have changed drastically and with side by side rehabilitation can manage side effects tremendously.

Importance of discussing treatment with doctor

Be it chemotherapy or any other treatment, you should always have an open communication with the doctor to understand the goals and risk of the treatment. This can help you prepare for the treatment mentally. People are scared when they are asked to undergo the procedure and it is understandable as well. But if you have a discussion with your doctor before the treatment, it would comfort you to great level, which is also important for the therapy. Anxious patients usually don’t get successful results of the therapy.

Overseas treatment preparations and cost

You would require sittings for this therapy and each sitting may cost huge amounts. But Chemotherapy in India is highly affordable and that is the reason many patients fly from different parts of the world to get this treatment done. The average cost of chemotherapy in India can range from 12k to 75K, depending on the drug. 

Growing demand
of medical tourism in India has bought evolution of companies, who are helping citizens of different countries to get hassle free medical treatment in India. In fact, there are many low cost packages designed for foreign patients for their treatment. That is the reason; many cancer patients are getting attracted to India for the treatment.

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