I was desperately waiting for the weekend to come so that I can get some time for leisure activities which I don’t have amidst the hustle-bustle of the working weekdays.
Oops! I completely forgot to tell you my name .
Well, I am Subhi Gupta working as a marketing strategist in a leading MNC.
As I was telling you about my weekend plans, but they were put on a halt when I woke up with the two problems lined up for me that require quick assistance, i.e., “clogging” and “the leaky faucet”.

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It’s quite obvious that I would call the plumbing service for fixing this issue which I did.
But in spite of calling several times, I didn’t get any response from their side.
Then I recalled some easy breezy ideas which my mother shared with me a while ago.
When I imitated some of them, then guess what happened next?
Those home remedies worked wonder and solved the problem in no time!
I am going to pen down a few effective tips that you can do yourself at home.
Let’s kill your eagerness.
So, here I go.
Drain clogged? No need to worry!
1.Take baking soda, vinegar half of the cup, mix them well and put over the drain. Wait until 30 minutes and pour boiling water after that.

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  1. Don’t have vinegar at home! You can use the combination of baking soda and salt too.
  2. Say no to flushing of the non-biodegradable stuff like sanitary napkins, paper towels, that blocks the drain.
  3. Encourage the use of biodegradable soaps that does not form any coating around the pipes.

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  1. Always shop the different plungers for the drains and sinks.
  2. Never avoid the installing of screens over the drain as it will trap the hair that prevents clogging.
  3. Don’t throw any solid waste like vegetable or egg peel inside the sink as they highly restrict the water flow which results in clogging.
  4. Drop the idea of star enriched liquid to pass through the sink as it will stick around the pipe thus leading to clogging.
  5. Always use a tissue paper to wipe off the greasy pans before washing.

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Leaky faucet? Here is the solution!
10. Timely checking for the water pressure because high one increases the chances of leaking.

  1. If the water meter shows a sharp hike in reading irrespective of the fact that it has not been used, then the leaking issue is probable.
  2. Never splash any corrosive chemicals while cleaning of the pipes as it may cause damage to the pipe which can lead to leaking.
  3. Replace the metal piping with a plastic one as it corrodes faster if you are having so that will minimize the risk of leaking.

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  1. You must opt for the pipes for the kitchen and bathroom that are fairly smaller in size.
  2. Don’t put any sealant around the pipes as it greatly affects them.
  3. While repairing of the leaky taps, tie a thread around the drain that curbs the irritating sound.
  4. A big no to the poor-quality pipes so always picks the one that is of supreme quality which doesn’t break faster.
  5. You must know the location of the toilet valve so you can switch it off to avoid overflow of the water.
  6. If you find these problems severe and can’t be handled on your own then immediately call the professionals.
  7. Always keep the numbers of the plumbers handy.
  8. Strictly follow the above guidelines to get rid of these problems instantly.

That’s an end to the tutorial of the Do’s if facing any plumbing issues.
Hoping that this piece of writing will help you understand the essential tips of the plumbing in a better way!
Don’t forget to post your comments and tell me how you like this blog?
I would love to hear from you all!


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