3 Inspiring Kitchen Ideas for Your Brand New Home!

From baking that burnt cake to all your successful recipes, from spending quality time with your family over breakfast to attending guests, a kitchen is a room full of memories; and so much more than just a place where you prepare your meals. So, if you have shifted recently and are planning to decorate your house, don’t forget to pay special attention to this particular nook of your house. And yes, that does not mean you have to hire a famous interior designer for this purpose. The internet has made the world easy, and you can actually do it all on your own, by taking cues from online videos and lifestyle blogs.
Here are a few ideas which you can try on your new kitchen. Keep reading!
Say it with Shabby Chic!
Love the shabby chic look and have been dreaming to get it ever since you noticed it at a colleague’s place? Well then, let me first tell you that it is very easy to attain and won’t hurt your pockets much as well. Execute the following to get this theme done properly:

  • Go for a white base and natural wooden flooring.
  • Salvaged furniture is the focal point of these kinds of kitchen. Scrubbed pine tables, wooden benches, antique or DIY antique-style furniture, and lots of floral prints should be there in these kinds of kitchen.
  • Wondering, which type of cabinets would suit these kinds of kitchens? Well, you should get those antique white kitchen cabinets from a wholesaler. Affordable and widely available, make sure that the quality is supreme and fits into the kitchen area properly. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a cabinet, as it can actually make or break the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • Last but not the least, add a touch of champagne pink here and a bit of lilac and egg blue there, in order to complete the look.

Modern No-Fuss Look!
Ultra-modern kitchens with neat gadgets are the dream of many house owners. So, if you want the same for the “heart of your house”, then quickly go through the following ideas.

  • Sassy and convenient, your focus should be on upgraded kitchen appliances and gadgets. And yes, expect to spend quite some amount for this decor.
  • Make your kitchen look like a dream with shaker style cabinets. Their rich hue and beautiful grainy texture would surely add a lot of appeal to your modern-styled kitchen. Worrying about the availability? Don’t worry as there are many cabinet wholesalers that sell these cabinets at affordable rates. Customize them with glass doors, if your budget allows you to.
  • Try using minimum colors and stick to hues like black, brown, grey and white.
  • Use minimalistic shapes and compact and crisp structures.
  • Stainless steel hardware will contribute to a very sleek and classy look.
  • Contemporary Style for the Quirky-lovers

It is true that your home interior says a lot about your personality. So, if you have a passion for trying something different, then your brand new kitchen should be your canvas! Experiment with finishes and execute the following.

  • Contemporary is all about trying different kinds of themes. From a kitchen with FRIENDS theme to a black and white checkerboard design, you can try them all.
  • Choose a lot of color palettes, bold colors, metallic accents, quirky pieces, etc. Opt for high stools and place them near the kitchen counter.
  • When it is about cabinets, do not think twice and get a white kitchen cabinet. Decorate it at a few places with whacky and abstract arts or just keep them simple. Trust me, no other cabinets will do more justice to this theme.

So, now that you know three of the most stylish and trending kitchen design ideas, hopefully, you will be able to execute them properly! All the best!
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